FINALLY! Made my decision and I'm in LVOE!

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  1. Well, I spent a lot of time on this site asking opinions and changing my wish list at least a few hundred thousand times!!! Thanks to everyone for their input and their help!

    But today, I found myself at the the LV boutique and when I saw this bag and held it for the first time IRL I knew this was the one for me!!

    Presenting the Monty GM!!!


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  2. yessss!!! i love it! modeling pics please?
  3. Congratulations. I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of her. Seems like a very roomy bag that'll fit a ton.
  4. Congrats! She looks great!:tup:
  5. yay, congrats!
  6. Yay! Is that the GM or PM?
  7. congrat the monty is ssooo cute
  8. Congrats!! Love it!
  9. YAY!!! Congrats! I just love the Monty, great choice!!
  10. Love the Monty GM, congrats, she's beautiful!
  11. Wow, congrats!!
  12. Love it. Congrats!
  13. Congrats! Thats an amazing bag!
  14. Congrats!!!!!!!!
    You made an awesome choice!!!!
    I have the Monty Gm and absolutely lovvvvvvvve her!!!!!!
    She holds so much and love the convenience of the full opened zippered top.
  15. Congrats...I love the Monty!!