FINALLY made a decision! It's.....

    Thank you to all who weighed in on my poll, it was fun. I honestly thought I was going to go for Anthracite after seeing how blue it looked in some pictures but I kept coming back to Aqua pictures and realizing that I was trying to talk myself into Anthracite. When Daphne told me that the Aqua Work she was holding was the last one and that it was "perfect", it put me over the edge. I am soooo excited!!!:yahoo:
  2. whoo hooooooooooo can't wait to see your photos!
  3. Can't go wrong with "perfect" !!!
  4. Great! You can't go wrong with either color.......I have the anthrawork and I ordered an Aqua from Daphne too. I'm curious to see how it compares to my Teal 05.
  5. Fantastic and when Daphne says its perfect she really means it!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!
  6. congrats girl... can;t wait to see pics! please make sure u'll include one modeled :yes:
  7. When do you get the new baby? I was pondering this same size and color! I can't wait to see pics!
  8. Ugh...not until next week (not the week coming up) since I'm in Canada and it takes Fedex a while to move stuff here...
    I can't WAIT! And since that's the last Aqua Work from BalNY...anyone who is on the fence, I would start scouring your local dep't stores now to make sure you can still find one. I didn't realize they were selling out so fast.
  9. Yay congrats!! I can't wait to see pics :party:
  10. Great choice ! can't wait to see pics!
  11. Congrats, stylefly, that will be gorgeous! I was in BalNY yesterday and Daphne showed me Aquamarine and it's a beautiful color...very similar to a fully saturated '05 Teal Blue inside the shop.
  12. I can't wait to see pics!! :woohoo:

    It's funny, how sometimes posting a poll can really help *you* decide, even if it's totally opposite of the majority vote.
  13. EXACTLY!
    It's exactly like flipping a coin and seeing what you choose for 'heads', or if when it lands you say "okay, best 2 out of three":lol:
  14. YOU LUCKY GIRL!!!!!! I want/need one SO BAD! CONGRATS and make sure and post pics when you get it!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. aaawww congratulations for making a great choice stylefly ! :yahoo: we will be aqua work sisters ! ;)