Finally, LPs for me: Med Iron Tote, Perry Woven Crossbody

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  1. the iron color is so beautiful.

    it looks like it has hints of purple in it too :love:
  2. i got the iron medium dylan (my first LP bag) and i am totally in love with it also, the smell, the leather, the color, hardware , texture...this bag is perfect!!!
  3. YAY!! COngrats! Let's see some modeling pics!
  4. Booksandbags - What a fun name, two of my favorite things! Yes, this is a crazy color with hints of purple and brown in it...

    Laurenrr - Congrats on your new bag! I agree, it may well be perfect. I carried it today and love the size, the pockets, the feel on my shoulder... everything!

    Kristinmcd - Modeling pics coming soon!
  5. OMG your iron tote looks perfect. Makes me want to return mine from LunaBoston so I can get one from AA, esp. since AA still has the 30% off code.
  6. #21 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
    They do charge a $25 restocking fee for returns though, it's making me a little hesitant to order from them. LB currently has a 25% off code going '25 off' and they have that lux points program.

  7. Ok, here's a couple pics. Me with the tote and my daughter with the Perry Crossbody:

    Attached Files:

  8. Bebeey - Go ahead and contact LB and see if they can exchange. Sometimes it takes a few times to get the right one. I got lucky... And, see if they'll do a price match.
  9. Okay, your mod pics make me want this bag even more!
  10. These pics did me in, I just ordered the iron tote from LB using the 25off! I always thought it was much lighter than what's showing in these pics because that's what it looks like on the LB site, but if they're a darker shade of gray like what shows here then I cannot resist. Plus, if it doesn't work out LB has a terrific return policy.


    That means I have two LP's coming now (the iron and chianti dylans) plus a Tano I ordered. Eeeeeep!

    ps - those bags really suit you both and tell your daughter she looks fab! :smile:
  11. Okay, after seeing your modeling pics, I think I need an iron tote!
  12. Carmelita - Thanks for the pics...I love your choices! I am really liking the Perry crossbody...unfortunately my body is not built for crossbody. :P
  13. Looks amazing!! I need to quit looking at these bags b/c they are ALL so tempting!
  14. I've already exchanged my iron tote, and received my second purse last week. It's better than the first one. I was planning to exchange or return the second purse from LB, but I have to pay for shipping ($8+) plus restocking fee ($5). Hmmm.. maybe I'll just keep it lol.
  15. Carmelita, is the color in your modeling pic (post #22) pretty true to color? It looks dark in that pic, which I really like. I am trying to decide whether I want a black or iron dylan med tote....Thanks!