Finally, LPs for me: Med Iron Tote, Perry Woven Crossbody

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  1. After weeks of waiting, I received my medium iron tote from AA. :yahoo:The leather on the bag is perfect - no discolorations/striations, etc. I absolutely love the gunmetal hardware with the iron color leather. The leather is stunningly soft and smooshy - just look at how it puddles. I love the size and the two front pockets. As others have said, this may be the perfect bag :nuts: The Perry Woven Crossbody is small but fun. I'll share it with my girls, but the tote is mine alone

    I'm looking forward to the Large Perry Tote I got for a great price on Amazon. Could it be slouchy enough to use as a purse? I'm hopeful... but it could also look ridiculous, like this pic from LPs website...

    I'm off to cut tags and treat with Wilson's TLC...

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  2. The iron is really nice. That tote looks huge. I think my 3 year old could fit in there, lol.
  3. I'm so excited you got the dylan, carmelita!!! I really am such a huge fan of the bag. I'll be interested in seeing how the large perry looks in your reveal. It doesn't seem to slouch at all, so I wonder how that will affect its overall look. Enjoy your dylan!!
  4. Gorgeous!!!
  5. The smooth grey leather looks just beautiful against the black woven leather. aaahhh, I am falling in love with this set. You make me want both so bad! Congrats on the new purchases.
  6. One question - is the color more dark grey like in the first pic or light grey in the second??
  7. Hooray, Carmelita! Welcome to the Iron Medium Tote Girls Club!

    I carry mine all the time now - hard to switch bags when this color goes with almost everything.

    FYI, I treated mine with Wilson's TLC (3 coats, totally soaked and let dry in between) and I *still* got rub-off from my dark jeans this last weekend. So definitely do treat it, and definitely be careful with dark/new jeans. I'm sure I can fix this problem...but I don't want you to have it on your gorgeous new bag.
  8. Babidus - Lol, it looks ridiculously huge; I'm surprised LP used that pic on the website, unless they felt it really represented the bag - yikes!

    Thanks Riry - I'll post comparison pics of the large tote with this medium one. Maybe those huge side wings on the tote can tuck in? We'll see... for the price, I had to give it a go. And, Amazon is so good about returns...

    Olidivia - Thank-you! You know, I've been thinking for a while that this Dylan is such an LP favorite that I'd think they would want to play with the textures a bit, e.g. woven pockets etc. And, if these pics enable you a tiny bit - it would be justice for the zillion enticing pictures you've posted!

    Kristinmcd - Thanks! The first pic, darker, is more representative of the color...

    I'm so happy to be a member of the club SweetSusan! Good grief, after your thorough pretreatment, I can't believe you got jean transfer! Surely the treatment will make it easier for you to remove the color. I'll have to go back through the care thread. I used the TLC aerosol (yeah, bad for the environment) and while the color didn't change. I think the bag looks a bit "flatter" in color, so darker. I took an after pic, but I couldn't notice the change in the pics. But I prefer the bag "after" treatment! Also, with the aerosol, the bag is wet after the spray but drys within a couple minutes. I don't know if that means its as protected. I'll know soon enough as I'll be carrying it in the rain...

    I'm really loving this bag; she was well worth the wait!
  9. Carmelita - Congrats on finally getting the Dylan's beautiful. I wish that I could do lighter colors, but I am so afraid of getting it dirty. lol

    I can't wait to see pics of the Lg Perry looks like a BIG one.
    This is a pic from LB:

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  10. Thanks Cathead87! Doesn't the tote appear bizarre? If I didn't live the woven look so much, I wouldn't have given it a try. I can't wait for it to arrive so I can see for myself. Now I wish I'd done the two day shipping...
  11. LOL!! We all have gotten so spoiled that waiting for bags is torture!
  12. True!
  13. Carmelita, your new bags look gorgeous, congrats!

  14. Congrats on 2 great bags! Love the iron Dylan. I sent my shoulder bag back and I think I might get the iron tote. It just looks so nice.
  15. kristinmcd and riry - Lol, so true! Zappos spoils me with less than 24 hours from order to arrival. Having to wait a week seems like I got what I paid for - free shipping ;)

    Thanks LindaP!

    sandc - I vote for you getting one. Its rare that I like a bag as much as I like this one...