finally leaving for vegas sunday but.....

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  1. I can't believe it but the day is almost here. This sunday i finally leave for vegas for a nursing confererence. There is just one problem, i pulled out my luggage and it is in no shape to travel:amazed: . it must retire. i do not know much about luggage nor traveling for that matter:shame: . with such short notice, what do you wonderful ladies and gentlemen recommend?
    I am only staying for 4 nites and was trying to not check in any luggage, but am finding that quite challenging:shame: . Is it even possible to fit everything in an allowable carryon luggage? what sizes are allowed and any recommendations on what luggage type to get?
  2. I :heart::rant: Globe trotter luggage. Its not flashy by any means but the quality is excellent. It withstands anything.:biggrin::yes:
  3. I think it's possible to fit 4 days worth of clothes for Vegas, it's going to be pretty hot - around 110 degrees so you don't need much! A couple of tank tops, t shirts and a light sweater for indoor air conditioning and the plane.

    I know it's short notice, but I got my luggage from Rick Steves (the Back Door to Europe guy) called "21 Inch Rollaboard."

    I love this piece of luggage! You can expand it and the ziptop is soft so you can put a lot of stuff in it, and it follows airline regulations for overhead compartments.
  4. thanks alot. i will check it out.

  5. thank you. i will check this one out too. where can i find one?
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