FINALLY LADIES! Pics of my DREAM bag and Night/Gold Crackle! (TONS OF PICS)

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  1. Hey ladies! I know i've been promising pics for about a week now! I am SOOOO sorry for the delay. My boyfriend moved 16 hours away from me (because of his work) and i was helping him pack and move all weekend... and just have been soooo busy trying to catch up on the forum for three, four days of posts i missed....

    I hope you ladies will keep me great company, because I am missing my SO like CRAZYYYYYYYYY and its only been TWO days since he's left:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    Anyways. Ok so the first 5,000 (j/K) pictures are of the dream bag in white patent/cream! This is the FIRST bag that is pictured when you go to! I kept seeing this combination every time i went to the site, and it was definitely a MUST HAVE!

    This bag is BEAUTIFUL! It is TDF. I love the white patent! I try to stay away from patent because it looks cheap to me, but RM's patent looks great! So anyone considering the purple patent and lipstick market tote in the upcoming season- GO FOR IT! You will NOT be disappointed with the quality at all! I bought a Kooba patent bag, and i despise it. Sorry to say:yucky:

    Anyhow...more on the dream bag... The top flap has these beautiful gold round buttons on it. And then when you open up the flap, it has a zipper!

    I would describe the size being similar to the matinee, however with a bigger opening and less pockets of course!

    Oh yea- another thing... in all the pictures i have posted...THE BAG IS COMPLETELY EMPTY. There is no stuffing, nothing. I love how it stands up when its held by the handle, and it falls like a puddle when its left alone. See the pics:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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  2. more pics...

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  3. then pics of my night/gold crackle...along with my tangerine as well...

    I love how both of them are soooo slouchy. I also posted a pic of my tangerine when i FIRST GOT it, and how it has broken in now. I think this will be good reference to the gals still indecisive about it! I love it sooo much

    The 1st and 5th is the tangerine when i FIRST bought it. And the 2nd is how much it has broken in now. It is as smooshy as my new NIGHT bag!

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  4. Sooooo pretty Desi...very nice!
  5. i don't normally like white bags but this one is really cute! i love that night/gold crackle bag too.

    great pics desi!!!
  6. then here are some crappy modeling pics. I decided to take all my pics in one day wearing the same outfit.

    SNUFFLES- i recall you asking you to wear a white glove with my "michael jackson" matinee however i couldn't find a white one, so i wore a red one:upsidedown:

    BTW- these pics are with my iphone so excuse the crappy quality:shame:

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  7. Beautiful! The tangerine is such a fun color. Love the white dream bag too. The patent looks fab!
  8. then these are just some more RANDOM pictures! As you will see, my fat ass puppy loves my bags too! She wouldn't let me take pics without her in them!

    Oh and she is a Pomeranian AND colly mix. She has the cute pom face, and the big colley body. She's about 25 pounds, and is TOO damn fat to fit in ONE of my RMs. As you will see i have laid out THREE of my RM's just to meet her size LOL...

    BTW this is not all of my RM's. I still have three on the way ;)

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  9. more random pics. I told yall TONS of PICS!! hehehe

    The 2nd to last is the least i carry in my bag. It winds up with A LOT more crap later in the day. Water bottles, phone charge, receipts, etc etc....

    I have my RM Kiss and Makeup in Gold, a makeup bag, iphone, my digi cam, card wallet, gum, and some bag wipes JUST INCASE

    the last one is my puppy again!

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  10. Desi! You are too cute! I absolutely love how your puppy is lying there all posing with your RM's!

    I :heart: the white patent dream bag. TBH I didn't think the bag would look so awesome. It's sooo smooshy in the picture. I can't wait for my tangy to look that broken in. My wine does look like that though, so :love:! Wow, imagine how the night/gold crackle is going to look when broken in.

    yay for modeling pics! Did you send them to RM?
  11. ^^thanks ladies!! Dee, i haven't yet. I am going to send a couple of these, but take some new ones. I took these with my phone just to post here, and they aren't the best looking.

    plus my eyes look closed - which they really are NOT, i'm just staring at my phone LOL. I'll send the thread to Maven when i email her pics incase there are any of these she wants to use...but i will definitely be taking some cute pics outdoors! and GET SOMEONE TO TAKE THEM FOR ME instead of using my phone LOL!

    LOL sorry ladies- i bumped every thread where the gals had asked me to post pics so they could see my thread! :shame:
  12. Yay! I can't wait to see them on the RM website. :wlae:
  13. it is gorgeous!!~~ i am definitely getting that white one on ebay!! :yahoo:
  14. Love your bags!:love: You're right about patent white bags in general, and I agree that your patent white bag looks really good! Love love love your matinee. More pictures please!