Finally....Kooba Nina Cute but Small

  1. I like it.
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    The Nina looks adorable, however I'm not quite sure about the lock. I'm wondering if I would be fumbling around trying to get it closed. Love the pleating on the front and the chain strap is a nice addition. I bet that it looks great in slate. Thanks for the link and I'm glad that they are finally getting some more bags out for us to see.
  3. def cute!
  4. Cute Kooba!
  5. Classy and edgy!
  6. This was the bag I was lusting over for 6 months ever since I saw the pics. I am a little depressed to find it is just too small for it to be practical. That's why I am leaning towards the Meredith.
    Kooba*-* Large Meredith Shoulder Bag*-* Neiman Marcus

    Same bag, just bigger. But that flap does look awful big and maybe clumsy. Oh My....
  7. I would probably never close the lock on the looks great!
  8. it's so cute! really like it!
  9. Lexie, do you think they'll do it in that lovely slate colour we've seen on the Sloane?
  10. guys, i have a great place to get's called michael klein handbags and accessories and it's in mineola new york...their prices are fantastic and the SAs are great...i'd call them and check out the prices because they're great and they have koobas...(they also have francesco biasia, isabella fiore, treesje and a lot more)...i never go to new york, but i call them to order all my koobas...

  11. it is cute but yea not practical for me either
    and that slate color is GREAT!!

    and songofthesea, they are super nice and have choices
    but i wouldnt go as far as to say the prices are FANTASTIC
    i mean when i spoke to her i wanted a gold ginger, which was on sale on for $500 and she said she would do $450,,,, thats not really THAT dif,,,,
    i mean maybe since you buy all the time they give you better prices
    but i dunno,,,, i didnt think it was fantastic, i mean if they have the bag you are looking for then by all means they seem super nice,,, just saying i didnt htink it was FANTASTIC pricing,,,,
  12. Lexie, have you seen the Nina in person? It might not be that small. 12" across is decent. But if you're a big bag person, I guess it would be too small. I like the Meredith too. You should def try it out in person to see what you think of the flap and clasp.

    Bessie, I'm glad you wrote about the prices at Michael Klein. I've been wondering about that. I didn't want to make a trip out there for nothing. I agree that $450 for the gold Ginger is a bit much. You can find cheaper elsewhere. Did you ask how they get their bags? I just want to make sure they're definitely legit.
  13. hey Um i think i asked i cant remember tho :sad: haha im sorry i mean the woman tho i think the wife of the michael guy? she was super nice and stuff so it might be worth calling and just seeing what the deal is maybe what kinds of prices they are willing to give/what they have etc,.,, i mean mineola isnt too far into LI if i thought i could get something really good i would totally drive there!
    But i would def call and ask 1st how they get the bags, maayb even call kooba and ask if they are a liscenced dist.??
    if you do let me know what yoou find out (and ask if they have red elisha haha) xo bess
  14. Definately...that's the first pic I saw of it when I thought slate was blue but maybe it's bluish grey. But I don't know how long we will have to wait until all the colors come out.