Finally! Just brought home Silverado Tote!

  1. I finally found the Silverado tote in size medium that I was looking for, on sale for 40%! I will post pictures once my vitals return to normal..:biggrin:
  2. Can't wait to see...
  3. Here is a pic
  4. It's beautiful - if you don't mind me asking where did you get it??
  5. Did you get if from BG?
  6. I got it from Nordys at South Coast Plaza. It was not on sale, but when I walked down to the Chloe store I saw that the same bag was on sale so I walked back to Nordys and told them. The SA called Chloe and confirmed this and was willing to give me the sale price.
  7. Good Job on the Nordstroms price match. I always prefer to get my bags there if possible. They have such great CS.

    I was going to try and get up to SCP this week to check out the Chloe store - do they have lots of bags on sale?? Wondering if it is worth the trip.
  8. It's beautiful! That's fantastic that Nordy's pricematched for you--they always have such great CS! :smile:
  9. Nordys really went out of their way to help. The Chloe store still has a few bags on sale, worth the trip for sure...
  10. Oh wow!! That is one georgeous bag!! I really like it!! Congrats and enjoy!!!
  11. Irishgal! Congrats!!! I'm so happy you took the leap!!! How do you love it?
  12. congrats! i love that bag and that's an amazing sale! did you notice if they have this style in any other colors?
  13. Gorgeous bag ... and 40% off! That's great. Congratulations and enjoy!
  14. LOVE! I have it in chocolate and was looking for that color. It's the best bag EVER to carry!! Buy it a nice scarf and it will look fab!
  15. That's a great bag!