Finally joining the Rouge VIF gang with a work and LOVE IT!!!

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  1. Why oh why did I take this long to get one??

    OMG its the most gorgeous true blue red!! I actually prefer it to rouge theatre too which I just found to be too dark and depressing. I just looked at it with a blank expression.

    Some of you know, I've gone through alot of red bbags looking for the perfect one and this is it!!!! The leather on this particular one is very very soft. It feels like an 05 to the touch which makes this vif score all the more sweeter having such uber soft leather :wlae:

    I will take better pics over the weekend :yes:
    DSC05730-1.JPG DSC05718.JPG
  2. Gorgeous bag - congrats on your new acquisition !
  3. Congrats! Looks great!
  4. CONGRATS Karen on finding your perfect red! a RV work is on my agenda too! but I definitely do still love the RT! now wheres all those gorgeous modelling pics?
  5. Beautiful bag! Can't wait to see more pics:tup:
  6. love the rouge vif work!! congrats...and it is always worth the search to find the perfect red bag!!
  7. welcome to the club! such a gorgeous color, i love it!! :biggrin: especially in a work!
  8. RV has always been my fave red. congrats!
  9. Congrats! I love red in any shade.
  10. It's gorge!!!

    Rouge Vif is the *best* Balenciaga red ever. EVER.
  11. I'm SO glad you finally found your perfect red! CONGRATS, it's beautiful!!!!
  12. So worth the wait! Congrats!
  13. Congratulations! I think red Bal bags are fab!
  14. LOL ... Congrats!!! Welcome to the Red Club ;)
  15. Yay! I too prefer Rouge VIF to Rouge Theatre. The color is just amazing! Congrats on finally finding your perfect red.