finally!! it's here!!!

  1. i waited a whole week for this baby to arrive!! care to guess what it is?
    i promise i won't keep you waiting for long. :jammin:

  2. Ohhhh, can't wait to see!!! Ummmm is it a speedy of some sort????
  3. Manhattan GM....
  4. Speedy:confused1: Better make it short cuz most of the TPFers nerves are wearing a bit thin...:lol:
  5. yupper! :yes:

    and it came (from elux) with these funny carboard protector thingy which i thought was funny.

    but here is my new baby!! :yahoo:

  6. GM is probably too big for me but a manhattan pm is certainly on my list! :drool:
  7. here's me sporting my new baby! :love:

    damier speedy 25.

  8. Congrats to you-I just got myself one of those and I LOVE IT....You will love it too!! No regrets whatsoever!! I'm so happy for you! :yahoo:
  9. congrats
  10. oooh... It looks beautiful on you...:love: :yes: :flowers:

  11. AHHHHHHHHH i'm so jealous!!! is that a 25 or 30? it looks really good!
  12. ^ it's 25.

    thank you everyone!!
  13. Think the Damier 25 is growing on me... I want one...:crybaby:
  14. Lovely! I love speedies, doesn't matter what size haha.
  15. oh my gosh it looks sooo yummy!:girlsigh:
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