Finally, it's here!!

  1. It's here.....after missing the UPS guy on Friday.....waiting all weekend.....I went to the UPS Customer Center and picked up my new's a greigel!!!! See the pics. She is just wonderful....not too gray, wonderful beige type undertones........excellent!!
    SSC_0315.JPG SSC_0316.JPG SSC_0317.JPG
  2. congrats!!!! glad you got your package FINALLY!
  3. Congratulations! Your bag looks fantastic!
  4. Very nice! Congrats!! :smile:
  5. Beautiful! :love: :love:
    Congrats! What a way to start your week! :yahoo:
    I had once put in an order for the greige, but later ended up cancelling it. I have been kicking myself for it ever since! :Push:
  6. do I treat this bag--since it is my 1st (not last) bag? Meaning, what type of leather protection do I use and how do I use this??

    It really is gorgeous, the leather is thick, and no veiny, in the 1st pic. it looks a little shiny, but I was using a flash and in the sun. I love how it looks a little more gray in some light and little more beige'ish in other light!!
  7. WOW emanu.... - CONGRATS to this beauty :flowers: - it looks so smooshy - just GORGEOUS :yahoo: - enjoy it :love:
  8. emanu1016 - congrats!!! :wlae:
  9. Gorgeous color! YAY for you! I had this vision of adrenaline setting in and you taking off like a bat out of hell running after the UPS truck...because I have done that...all the way down my street screaming at the top of my lungs for himn to stop dammit. My Chloe Tekla was in that truck! That was 2 weeks ago...I was a daughter was mortified....and the next day I was in pain from running down the street! The things we do....
  10. Love it - the greige is really pretty. Congrats!!!!
  11. I love the greige so muchhhhhh
  12. I`m considering this same color, its beautiful!!!
  13. yay! congratulations! beautiful...
  14. Pretty! Congrats and enjoy!
  15. oooohhhhhh. I love the greige. Is it a little pinkish??? Oh it is soo beautiful. Congratulations. If only the UPS man knew the pain, he would wait more patiently for us purse fiends.