Finally it's here! Transparent Inclusion Bracelet!

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  1. Yesterday i got a call from my SA and he told me that finally the transparent inclusion bracelets arrived. So he put it for me on the side, and today i bought it. It is so much cuter in IRL. :yahoo: :heart:
    louis vuitton 032.jpg louis vuitton 035.jpg louis vuitton 036.jpg louis vuitton 037.jpg
  2. oooh pretty! congrats!!
  3. It´s beautiful! Gongratulations!
  4. Thank you girls:love:
  5. Very pretty,congrats!
  6. That is so cute!! Congrats!
  7. Ooo i like that so much better then the berry. Congrat's.
  8. Oh wow, that's lovely!

    I'd not seen that at all! I'm guessing there will be the ring and all the other inclusion bits??

    Thanks for the pics!

  9. So pretty! Congrats!
  10. Very nice. Congrats!
  11. exactly, but the bracelet is the only one which is transparent. the keychain, ring, ecc. are more milky.
  12. I love those bracelets! They are beautiful.. your nails are pretty too
  13. Congrats!!
  14. This is probably a stupid question, but do the inclusions bits float around or are they imbedded in one spot?
  15. Gorgeous! :biggrin: congrats!!