Finally it arrived!!!!!!!!! Flight bag

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  1. Yeah it got here today! And if you have read my previous posts about it missing the "remove before flight" tag, well it wasn't missing it!!!!!! I was totally excited. It's definitely not fake... the only complaint I have about it, is it's a lot bigger than I expected.

    But none the less, it's just freaking beautiful. Totally worth $1000...... what bag do you suggest I buy next?

    LOL, yeah that's my Coach in the background.... It's been out shined for the Flight bag.

  2. thats great news Suzy congrats !!!! i think you should think abotu getting the gaucho next ...:graucho:
  3. Very cool. It's always nice when something arrives and you absolutely love it.
  4. congrats, a gaucho next!!!
  5. congrats!
  6. Congrats! Love the color! :yes:
  7. Thanks for sharing in my excitement. I love you guys! No one else gets this happy for me! Or even cares enough to say congrats!!!! Thanks guys.

  8. thats because nowhere else in the world you would find such a bunch of purse maniacs ! :roflmfao: so....what is your next choice? :graucho:
  9. congrats!!
  10. congrats! GREAT CHOICE! this bag is awesome. my best friend had her gaucho stolen at a party last week. :yucky::yucky:

    ever since she buys payless. lol jk.
  11. Nice Choice Congrats
  12. My next Choice I think will be from the Romantique collection. I'm leaning towards white.... again! LOL, maybe the light brown and pink.

    Question , has anyone felt the need to report eBay to Dior? I really really think that for as much as eBay is letting these bags slip by, they really need a good ass whooping.

    A girl sold a gaucho on there the other day for $400, I emailed her and basically told her what a piece of **** she was, she got mad and got *****y and of course said she got it from eluxury. well If i could find the bag, I would post it, but I i will look. Anyway I emailed her high bidder, and told her it was fake.

    So the girl selling it then made her bidders private. After the auction ended it shows who won it.

    I emailed her, I felt she had the right to know...

    she emailed me back stating she didn't pay her for the bag because she wouldn't accept paypal. Only Money Order.

    And on her auction the only form of payment listed was paypal.... this chick really really struck a nerve with me..

    that is so shady... anyway the girl didn't pay and didn't get screwed.

    But eBay will not do anything about this. I reported her at least 10 times, the winning bidder emailed them to complain about how she listed paypal as the only form of payment, then refused to take it and demanded a money order.

    And I email them again, telling them what a bunch of *******s they are.

    I think there should be a really really strict policy about selling bags on ebay.

    What are your thoughts girls? Should Dior be contacted? I love ebay, I don't want to see anything happen to them, because it's like one of my favorite places, and you can find authentic items at good prices, but they need to buckle down a bit.
  13. ^^^ hey girlie, Louis Vuitton ( LVMH ) and Christian Dior already sued EBay last word on the outcome yet though....
  14. congrats and have a good flight! :p heehee...