Finally : INK!!!!

  1. After thinking about ink for months i've finally located 2 ink in my country...
    A first and a weekender

    It is veiny and i usually don't like veiny bags but i will use LMB product to make it softer....
    I finally have again a first in my collection!!!!!!( i had a turquoise 05 first, my "first b.bag)
    Is it a keeper???

    My local store will receive the quilted bags in every color...i'm thinking to get it in blue glacier or cobalt..which one do you prefer???
    Or is better a mid-afternoon???
    B. Ink 002.jpg B. Ink 003.jpg B. Ink 004.jpg B. Ink 009.jpg B. Ink 007.jpg
  2. I have a black first. Mine is as veiny as yours and looks like its gonna crack anytime.

  3. L-O-V-E it! I want something Ink so bad!!!! Even if it's only an accessory.
  4. wow lb, love it !!! the first is my favorite size and the color is gooorgeous i hope to own an ink first one day too :smile: Congrats on your lovely bag!
  5. Beautiful Ink!
    I think blue glacier quilted is going to be so stunning.:drool: I am not a big fan of mid afternoon....but love love the quilted.
  6. My Ink family!!! I love them but i can't keep both:crybaby:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Congrats l_b:yahoo: I am thinking of adding a First to my collection too. :yes: I might consider the Periwinkle in the First style. I would say go for the Quilted bag because it is unique and different. Good luck!:heart:
  8. It's gorgeous l_b!! Congrats!!!!:nuts:
    I still regret not getting an ink first when I had the chance, about a year ago :push:
  9. :yahoo: Congrats l_b!!!!!:yahoo: Stunning!:drool: I'm so gald you found an ink!!!:heart:
  10. Wow that ink really has some purple in it!!! I had a hobo that LMB was used on and it really did soften it up. My ink first (returned - to Barney's last week) had NOT a hint of purple in it!!! disappointed.

  11. How and where did you find it in ink???? Also... what is Lmb???
    I love that color... I couldn't find it at Barney's, the salesgirl told me they soldout and weren't getting anymore.
  12. You still may be able to find ink bags. A few weeks ago, I called every Barneys in the country and found an ink purse at Beverly Hills (it wasn't on the floor but in some back room or something). See for store phone #s.

    A couple of weeks ago I saw an ink box at Barneys Boston and an ink courier at Barneys Chestnut Hill.

    There also have been posts about available ink bags (search in achtung).

    Good luck!
  13. I caught the ink bug as well! so I say keep the first!!

    I love the cobalt, not sure about the quilting, but I do love the cobalt with the new gold hardware.
  14. Congrats on your INK l-b !!!!!!!!!!!
    I think the Bleu glacier will look stuning in the Mid A size !!!

    I wanted one...but since I have a Blue India Mid A....well I'll have to choose someting else ;)
  15. Your ink first is stunning, congrats