finally IN the chanel club! Presenting the Lambs-Classic flap & New chain comparison!

Dec 14, 2006
after lurking around for the past few months, my chanel is finally here!!! along with my friend's new chain, so here's some comparison photos as well since i noticed there's hardly ANY pictures of the glazed lambskin new chain at all! hopefully this gives the under-publicized glazed lambskin the attention it deserves!

our pretty boxes!!

here's the med lambskin w gold hardware

argh abit blurry..

moving on to the med glazed lambskin with new chain in black

the glazed lambskin is much more durable than the lambskin, much less delicate so you don't have to baby it much, it is a good edgy/rocker/casual alternative to the classic, esp if you don't really like the pebbly caviar leather..
comparison pics coming up!:heart::yahoo:
Dec 14, 2006
comparison shots

the straps are exactly the same length

leather comparison, the glazed lamb is more puffy, and less structured, much softer as compared to the lambskin, whereas the lambskin is very,very smooth to touch, feels really nice but scratches mad easily!!!
side by side, lambskin on the left, glazed on the right
side by side part II
and here's the last one!

what do you think? i'm just glad beyond words that it's finally here!!!! thanks for sharing my joy!!:graucho::wlae:


Dec 31, 2007
Wow! Thank you for taking all the different photo shots comparing the two styles. I love them both as each has its own unique timeless beauty.

Congratulations-- wear it well.
Mar 8, 2008
Does the glazed lambskin come with gold hardware? Where did you get these? I am doing research because I am going to buy a Chanel bag soon.

gucci lover

May 15, 2007
silly, i :heart: it!! I'm sooo happy for you! It's seems just like yesterday we were talking about your chanel and now it's finally here :yahoo:Lambskin is already special but to have it straight from Paris, it's that much more precious. :love: how come you didn't post your modeling pic here, like you did in the "what do you wear daily" thread ;) It's so cute on you!!! Both bags are gorgous and congrats again!!


<3's chanel
Jul 20, 2006
Los Angeles
What great new additions to orientate you into the Chanel Club! Considering they are both black, they are still unique and distinctly gorgeous in their own ways. and still both classics! Congrats, and thanks for the great pics!