Finally in love again....

  1. As some of you may know, I had been torn about my impulse buy - Monogram Riveting. I finally decided to keep it and have been using it the past week and loving her more each day. Today at Nordstroms while checking out the new MJ bags, a woman with a Birkin tapped me on the shoulder and complimented my Mono Riveting. She said that when she went to Rodeo Dr. to purchase one, she was told that they were not going to get anymore in and that I was lucky.

    AND I saw a beautiful Japanese woman with a Polka Dots Stripes Besace!!! (See pic on link below)
  2. glad to hear that you are liking your bag
  3. yay, so glad you are using and loving the riveting. it IS impressive. i saw it at the Rodeo Drive store about a month ago and thought it was lovely! maybe the next time someone taps you on your shoulder, it'll be me! ;) don't worry, i'm not a stalker but once we have the tpf charms, i can spot people much easier then. hee hee.
  4. I'm glad you're loving your riveting!!! it is an excellent bag very roomy!!!! :smile:
  5. Glad you are liking the riveting. I love my pochette
  6. You're bag is pretty so I'm glad you're liking it again. I finally saw it IRL yesterday at work and I like!
  7. I'm SO glad you love your Riveting! I'm STILL mad at myself for returning mine! I MISS IT!!!:crybaby:
  8. why you ever didn't like it? It's totally nice :smile: