Finally I'm part of Hermes family forum!

  1. I don't know if you ever feel this way but I love TPF. You girls are like my sister and best friends I never had. Whenever I'm stuck on a fashion decision, I can always count on you for sincere and honest opinion.

    There is no cat fight or jealousy like the real world, in here everyone is at peace and super supportive.

    And ...Fashion should be about that! Liberate us - Not separate us

    I just bought my first Hermes it! (will post pic soon). Now i'm faithfully awaiting for my b...hopefully my SA will call me this year:
  2. You are sweet! I agree totally! Congrats on the new Evelyn. Looking forward to seeing your pics. :woohoo:
  3. Welcome! Evelyne is my favorite bag--so easy to carry. Can't wait to see pics!
  4. congrats!
  5. welcome!
  6. Great choice and welcome! Love my evelyne!
  7. Welcome to the orange side my dear...!! Congrats on your first Hermes.. ;)
  8. Congratulations on your Evelyn. Can't wait to see the modeling pics. I'm looking forward to getting one myself!
  9. congrats for the purchase! :smile:
  10. Big welcome to the Evelyne family. Congratulations on the bag. I'm sure you will get your B soon. looking forward to your pics. :smile:
  11. Totally agree with everything there :smile:
  12. Welcome... The ladies on here are so lovely and warm.. I love TPFers too!! Lovely first choice... cannot wait to see your pics... :hugs:
  13. Congratulations! Would love to see your bag and hope your B comes soon! Welcome!!!
  14. Congratulations and welcome to the world of Hermes! No collection should be without an Evelyne.
  15. Congrats on your new Evelyne and first H! Won't be your last :smile: