Finally.....I'm MAC Content.

  1. Awwww that kitty is soooooo cute!! Haha! What a funny expression she has. Sweet little fluffer:smile:
  2. You have the best collection!!! Well chosen, all of them! :drool::drool::drool:
  3. I am so envious of your MAC collection! The MAC is my FAVE RM style! CONGRATS on such a fabulous collection!!:flowers:
  4. Beautiful collection Magjes....a MAC for every occasion!

    Love Baby too!
  5. FANTASTIC MAC Collection!!! I'm so in love with your wine mac and paper-white/brown-basketweave mac. GORGEOUS! thanks for sharing!
  6. @MAGJES: Your collection is wonderful. I wish I get one of them.
  7. Amazing collection - thanks for sharing all the photos! I am planning on joining the RM MAC world so it was great to see a range of colors all together. Love love love the BPQ
  8. Thanks! POP colors are so fun to carry.

    Thank you AJ. It took quite a while to find my perfect "keepers" but the hunt sure was fun!
    Thanks Zombie Girl!!
    MACs are just so perfect!
    :flowers: ThankS!
    That's what is so great about MACs. They seem to fit so many different types of occasions. ...from casual to dressy!
  9. Fantastic Collection! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Wow Magjes! That Mac collection is truly amazing. That was fun to look at from the beginning: )
  11. gorgeous collection - love all your POP colors!
  12. Gorgeous!! I'm unsure about purchasing the regular MAC or the Bombe. I want to use it as an everyday bag. What is your advice?:smile:
  13. I love your MACs, but I LOVE Baby!!! I want to hug!!! :hugs: So cute!!
  14. An RM rainbow! Love.
  15. What a great collection. I stopped in my tracks from spotting a MAC clutch for the first time at Bloomies --> :nuts: --->:loveeyes: True love at first glance.