Finally, I'm in love... and a problem I have to decide...

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  1. A week ago, I was so nervous so I posted about my soon-to-acquire Tempete here. It's here today and I love it. The color looks so nice. I love it even more. And there's one thing I know more about Bal store, the store lighting sucks. Tempete looks so ugly in the store I wouldn't lay my eyes on (I went to the store today and there, it looks like a deep dirty ocean. What a sad color.) Anyway, it's here and I'm glad I got it.

    Here it is:


    Compare the color to my heavily faded 08 Sky Blue:


    BTW, today, I got Blue India Tassle to replace my broken-beyond-help Sky Blue 08 Tassle. I took my bag there to compare color. So,... now I know that its color's now like a lighter version of Blue India with lots of dirt from being heavily used.


    And these are mine as of today. I'm so into a huge trouble that I'm going on a ban after the next one. Dilemma coming after this.

    Top to Bottom: 09 Framboise, 07 Plomb, 07 Sienna, 07 Juane, 09 Granny, 08 Sly Blue, 09 Tempete, 08 Marine

    Oh.. I almost forgot my first modeling pix. It's the first time I ever took it. It's just so hard bending myself to show the bag while trying to capture it in the frame. Pardon my messy closet though.



    And since today I went to the mall, this is what I saw and I really wonder what it will look like if Bal ever make version of it:


    Now, it's the problem part. I went to the store today. They have Galet there. I tried it on. I don't like it. It looks too brown and beige and... boring. But... after a lesson with Tempete, now I know the store lighting sucks. Too dark. Too yellow. So, I'm back to my original point, whether to get Galet or Noix. Noix's my first choice but then after all the lovely photo here, I decided to get Galet instead. Now, I'm hesitated again. Should I wait until Noix come out then decide or should I just make up my mind now and get Galet before it's gone. I know I'm being silly again, but this's gonna be the last bag I will get until next fall so I know I'm being too picky. Any idea'd be good.

    TIA!!! :smile:
  2. Many congrats on your gorgeous Tempete!!

    Regarding your dilemma I think you should wait and see Noix before you make a decision. It shouldn't be too long before it's out. Noix and Galet seem to be similar colors with variation in tone so you just might find that you prefer Noix.
  3. what a lovely collection! congrats on your new tempete!
  4. i TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU:BALECNciaGA LIGHTINGS ARE HORRIBLE:tdown::yucky:I HAVE been to cannes and there are no windows downstairs so you can see colours just under their artificial lights...galet is a chameleontic colour,i bought it and immediately returned it since at natural sunlight looked dull on me( i changed it with anthra ggh pt:graucho:).... noix is much more brown , it would be perfect in your collection:graucho:
  5. Vink, you have some gorg bags there.

    My favorite is all of them in that sandwhich of yours!
  6. Beautiful bag and bags!
  7. lovely tempete bag, wow, the color is amazing, like a deep stormy sea. i love this color too. congrats on this beautiful rh pt. and i agree with you that the bal lighting is really bad, the color just seems odd in their yellowish lighting. i saw my sanguine less red at the bal shop and found out that the color under natural light is more saturated.
  8. Galet is a gorgeous light taupe or warm grey. It is very neutral and versatile, but is not for everyone.
  9. Galet is more taupe whereas Noix is a milky-brown so I feel that maybe Galet would be a great addition since you already have a brown! :biggrin:

    I want to know what all the girls prefer too! Galet or Noix!
  10. Love your sandwich !!! Sorry I am not colour wise, anyways, good luck !! :biggrin:
  11. vink, the color on your tempete is the shade that i love most! and the leather on your PT looks really great!

    and for galet vs noix, i seriously think that galet is going to fit great in your sandwich! maybe noix will be a little bit similar to sienna?
  13. Your tempete is absolutely gorgeous! :yahoo: I need to get something in Tempete...
  14. Congrats on your gorgeous Tempete!
    I am no help on the Galet or Noix question, since I have never seen either bag IRL....sorry!
    BUT if you are unsure, maybe it would be better to wait to see Noix IRL....then you will be able to compare and get the color that is perfect for you.
  15. :heart:Galet.

    I have GGH & SGH City on hold but can't make up my mind.