Finally I went to 24 Faubourg today !!!!

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  1. Hi Ladies:yes: ,

    After all your kind advices:flowers: , I went to Hermes this afternoon to find or order my dreambag...
    I wanted a black Birkin or souple Kelly with GH...
    Size maybe 35cm ??
    Leather : the most durable so maybe Togo ????

    There wasnt a single Birkin I'm still hesitating about the style:confused1: .

    But I could try a Rigide Kelly in 35 cm : it's the good size for me :yahoo: !!!

    I also asked if I could see the different leathers : the SA proposed me to compare on different small agenda...
    and I really loved Chevre and Clemence :yes:!!!!

    The SA told me to come back in the beginning of 2007 to see the new collection and choose the best style for me ...and if my dreambag is not available (that will happen certainly) , to order :wlae: it
    and be patient for 6 monthes :rolleyes: !!!!

  2. Sounds like you're off to a good start!
  3. She is off to a really great start!!!!
  4. Do not apologize for your English--it's very good! I know only a few words of French and can't write a complete sentence.

    You will be so happy with your bag. It's good to take your time to decide--it's a big decision! :smile:
  5. Sounds very promising, fromparis! Good luck :flowers:
  6. sound like your SA was nice.. u had a good experience so far.... good luck in finding your dream bag.....
  7. Definitely! I think the key is to go early and often. If you don't find your ideal bag now, at least you know you are being looked after by a very nice SA. :smile:
  8. Thanks you Ladies for your "encouragements" !!!!
    I can't wait to be in January to place my order for my black bag with GH !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've got 2 monthes :
    - to learn everything about leather to be able to choose the best for me (togo/clemence/ chevre) !!!
    - to make my decision on the model (Birkin 35cm has the advantage) !!!

    I've seen in the Cal thread, you could choose the colour inside your bag...
    I'll go for Pumpkin !!!!
    It will be my secret tribute to H !!!!!!!!
  9. I would say to still go to the boutiques once in awhile and play with many of the bag styles just to experience the leather and colors. It will certainly make your final choice easier.
  10. Fromparis
    I will be going to the mothership in the begining of Jan in hopes of finding my dream birkin too. Maybe i will bump in to you there:yes:

    I hear from ppl on this site that you should always go back to the store to see if there is any new shipments(especially before the x-mas hoilday) that comes in. Maybe you can get a hold of your birkin that way and it's eaiser for you since you live in Paris.

    Lets hope we will both get lucky
  11. Hi FromParis,

    do they had many Kellies available????i am going to be in Paris on friday....
  12. Je suis tres content pour vous!!:yahoo: Votre Anglais est superbe! Mon Francais nais pas bon maintenant parce'que jais oublie tous!!! Je pense que vous alors votre "dream-bag" bien-tot!!!! Felicitations!!!:yahoo:
  13. What a great start this is. After you order your bag, a 6-month wait will fly past fairly quickly and before you know it, you will have hug it in your arms.

    Over here in Asia - no chance. A patient wait could end up being a 2 year torture.
  14. Many...I don't know....
    While I was there, they had 3 on a display...
    but maybe more in stock:graucho: !!!!
  15. Votre français est très bon Star :yes: !!!!
    Je crois que c'est la 1ère fois que je peux parler la langue d'Hermes dans ce forum;) !!!