Finally I visited to EverM For have a consultaiton

Celly Wang2

Apr 28, 2015
Hi there~
I Just did consultation in EverM few days ago , I am still doing consultationS haha
I want to share my review to you guys ,
Hear I Go then
I am satisfied for that, because he was really be honest to me . actually I was going to do Two jaw , VLine ,cheek bone surgery as well, but He did'nt recommend cheek bone,...he told me that I don't need it..
Sorry ,. something happened
continute to write soon
Aug 10, 2016
Keep us posted! Also seriously considering two jaw surgery and in the process of looking through various clinics. The only clinics I'm looking through right now are ones specializing in jaw surgery, only maxillofacial surgeons. So far I'm considering The Face Dental, Zeah Dental, EverM and another clinic I found on Instagram.


Jan 4, 2017
I saw on another thread that EverM charged around 10k-12k for double jaw surgery. I got quoted for about 18k, even though I don't have facial asymmetry/complications, did anyone else get an estimate similar to mine?