Finally! I own a Prada!

  1. Thanks! My husband shops better than I do and he LIKES it. I'm usually the envy of the sales clerks..."my husband never shops with me". I feel so bad for them. :sad:
  2. I've always preferred the saffiano totes, but it actually looks really good on you! Congrats :smile:
  3. Super divine.
  4. Thanks so much!:smile:
  5. Thanks Alex! :biggrin:
  6. It's the perfect size for you. Love it!!
  7. This bag is gorgeous! I love everything about it!
  8. Thanks thaomy and peachlv! I am absolutely LOVING this bag. My poor Burberry and Marc Jacobs may never see the light of day again. :sad:
  9. i love the way you had it laid out! lovely color!
  10. lovely one, amazing color, congratz!

    :biggrin: same here with my new prada
  11. Lovely choice on the bag...;)
  12. Wow. That bag is gorgeous. What a great first Prada.

  13. Hi, do you still love this bag? I just got the color Nero/Black, and I'm wondering how you fared after a year if ownership.
  14. Beautiful bag! Enjoy!
  15. Very nice bag and lovely neutral color...