FINALLY!!! I ordered my Gustto!!!

  1. [​IMG]

    I just wanted to share my excitement that I FINALLY just ordered my Gustto Torila in Taupe.​

    Thanks everyone for your help deciding.
    You guys have all been so great and helpful ( and ENABLING!!:smile: )!!!
    This will NOT be my last bag purchase :smile: (hehe, of course!!!)...
    Thanks to TPF I am **OFFICIALLY** a purse addict.
    :yahoo: ;) :yahoo:

    I will post pictures of my Gustto as soon as I receive it.​

    I'm already thinking a Jas MB will be my next bag....
    but GEE... there's always Chloe....
    hmmmmm, and so MANY other choices!!!!!

    Have a Great Day
    Happy Handbag wearing to you ALL!!!​
  2. OMG I love it!!! It's just the one that I love too!!
  3. That bag is adorable! Please do post pics when it arrives.
  4. ^^ Will do.
  5. Love the look of it!
  6. Good choice. You will love the bag. It's the nicest leather and seems pretty durable. I hope the "Ghetto lining" as Bessie named it doesn't ruin it for you. The lining is not the best but the rest of the bag compensates.
  7. congrats and enjoy!!!
  8. Where on earth did you find that bag?!? I love it and have looked everywhere on the internet and can't find it!
  9. Is the strap adjustable?
  10. Curious to know how the bag closes.
    Is it just a magnetic disc? I always feel uncomfortable when a bag is left hanging "open." But when a bag is this gorgeous, I'm sure I could deal. Congrats!
  11. Hehehe Lexie~
    Thanks:smile: . I thought long and hard about this bag:girlsigh: and it's *ghetto*:roflmfao: lining (thanks to your thread :smile: ) and really came to terms with it. I guess in some ways I think it might keep me from getting taken with any *seriousness* of this bag and remind me that it's not couture and to just have fun with it and enjoy it.
    And, as you said, as long as it holds up!
    So, when I get it, I will inspect it well and if it looks like the fabric will not hold up then I'll turn it around and send it on back.

    So~ I am excited for it to arrive!!! I'm so glad you got yours and it was just/more beautiful IRL! Congrats to you!!!:yahoo:
  12. I got it from RevolveClothing and was able to get it for 30% off with my first time customer discount. NM,BG, AE(in blue and ivory),ThePurseStore,and Amazon has it(Revolve really).
    AE and Revolve seem to have the best discounts on it.
  13. No, I'm pretty sure that the strap isn't adjustable. Lexie could answer that for you, she just got hers.
  14. [​IMG]
    It does appear that it has a magnetic enclosure (or at least a snap). Fine nylon-neon yellow lining eh?! ;)
  15. congrats!