Finally... I ordered my bag.

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  1. After read a lot about the perfect bag for me I bought the Signature Stripe Large Tote with a Legacy ponytail scarf.
    I was thinking about the Carly since I read so many good reviews here but for the price and for what I need it (For carry some diapers, bottles, formula and my wristlet) I thought the tote was better.
    I went to Dillard's today and I was looking my new bag and the Carly and I think that the Carly is very beautiful! But it was looking a little weird on me because I use to wear jeans and sneakers and all the golden hardware was like too much on me. But I like it! I hope some day have one!!!
    For now, I will wait the Signature Stripe Tote and if for some reason I don't like it... maybe I can exchange it for the Carly.
    I was showing my husband the bag in the computer like: "look babe... this is my bag and this another one that I like, the Carly -just waiting for hear something like " I don't like all that golden hardware!"- but oh surprise... he told me that the Carly was very nice! and not only that... he said that he saw in the store the Coach Hamptons Signature and he like it!... So... my husband is a "Coach guy"...
    I hope Santa Claus don't forget me in Christmas... Ha ha
  2. Congrats! Make sure you post pics when you get your new bag!:yes:
  3. congrats! That's great! :tup: Be sure and post modeling pics when you get it! :drool:
  4. I love the sig stripe tote. Honestly, based on what you described your needs are (diapers, bottles, etc) I think the large sig stripe tote was the best choice of the two! I LOVE my Carly (I have a large leather one) but it is so hard to find stuff inside. I have a sig stripe tote and everything is easy to grab and accessible.

    Great choice and I can't wait to see your pics!
  5. Great Choice!!! I use this same bag as my diaper bag too! I carry my wristlet in my bag for my personal items as well.

    I suggest using a large size purseket for your new tote. The large fits perfectly! I have one and it really helps me to keep things organized and It can hold bottles and other baby stuff :tup:

    Here is a link to the large one. The website shows you how they work:yes:

    I can't wait until you show us some pics of your new bag:woohoo:
  6. Congrats! I want a tote so bad!! :yes:

    And yes, a purse organizer is a must! I just picked up a Chameleon Insert and I love it! Different setup from the Purseket -- just personal preference! :tup:

    I canceled the order and I ask now the Hamptoms Large carryall. I did that because I was looking and I have a swingpack exactly like the tote. Same color and stripe... and it is very dirty!!!!!!!!!!! So, I called and exchange it before the send it.
    I will post pictures when I receive it.
    I still want to have a large Carly and I will wait for see when is another tote in another color. I don't like the one with brown stripe and I don't like the ones that are just solid brown or black...
    What you think about the Large Hamptoms???
    I never saw nothing here about that one.
  8. Great choice with the hamptons carryall - such a pretty, classic bag. What color did you get?

    After your baby grows up a bit and you no longer need a diaper bag, I think you you can still use this bag dressed up or down for yourself. Enjoy! Post pics when it arrives!
  9. I've always wanted a carry-all. It looks so sophisticated and roomy!
  10. Very pretty bag and nice choice. I think you will be happy with the structure of the carryall.

    I've never seen the chameleon inserts until now. If I was going to get one I believe I'd go with that style over the purseket. I know there are people that love the purseket but I had issues with the ends collapsing on me since it wasn't sturdy all the way around.

    Congrats on your new bag!!!
  11. you better get your carly!!
  12. I would have saved so much money if I had just gotten my Carly first.
  13. Well... we will see!!! I went to Dillard's and tryied the Carly on me and it was looking a little weird...I like the size but I don't know, it was like too much things on my shoulder! But I want one just because everybody write good reviews here about it!
    When I receive the bag if I don't like maybe I will exchange it for the Carly. Is just $40.00 more so is not too much difference.
  14. Congrats, great choice! Post pics when it comes, please!
  15. The Hamptons bag is very nice, congrats!