Finally!I made a decision...

  1. I have been looking for my first BV for some time now. I tried alot of bags but did not find the perfect first for me until....

  2. Haha!! Very cute kid and what a gorgeous bag!! doesn't the Ebano show off the woven leather perfectly!! congratulations on your new Cocker.:flowers:
  3. What a darling child and beautiful bag! I would love to see photos of what this bag looks like on the inside, ie pockets, etc.
  4. Sorry the pictures are so large.They look cut off in my browser.Here are a few detail shots.Hopefully they will be better.




    detail1.jpg detail2.jpg detail3.jpg detail4.jpg
  5. i really love this bag.... prob will be my next bag.....
    and your kid is so adorable....
  6. I really like how they did the edging especially on the handle. Congrats.
  7. Wow, that's stunning! Congrats on such a gorgeous first BV!
  8. That is SOO beautiful! CUTE little one, too!
  9. Truly beautiful bag!

    Love the color, style, little one, and your pics are great as well.

  10. Awesome bag. I got my regular cocker in ebano last week and i love it to pieces. congrats.
  11. Beautiful! Great choice. I really love the edging.
  12. Congrats on the new purchase! Such a beautiful piece of art. Believe this is the Borsa Cervo in Ebano - another tPF'er has the Pergamena (cream) one. The Borsa is slightly different from the Cocker which does not have intrecciato weave on the top side of body of the bag.

    The little guy is cute too! Love the curls.
  13. Gorgeous bag! Your little boy is so his pose, and your house is beautiful.Thanks for sharing.
  14. Thanks boxermom.I totally agree with you about the color. I am loving the ebano!