Finally!!! I just bought....

  1. the Marc Jacobs Soft Box Bag in slate on sale from Barneys for $249!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I have been looking for a smaller black bag forever and this being on sale was the icing on the cake.

    Does anyone have one of these? I would love to see some modeling pics! Thanks in advance.
  2. Congrats!! Post pics when you receive her!
  3. Congratulations!! It sounds like you got an amazing deal!
  4. Great deal!! Can't wait to see pics :yes:
  5. Thanks guys! It was a great deal- I remember seeing this bag in the boutique a while back for 995, I think . I am not sure. But that would be like 75% off. woohoo!

    I will post some photos as soon as she arrives.... In the mean time if anyone has one I would love to see your photos!!
  6. OMG!! Congrats!! That is a RIDICULOUS price!!!!!!!!
  7. Barneys has the craziest deals- a month ago i bought the trish in chile for 549.

    it is worth checking out Barneys page all the time.
  8. Congrats, that is a FABULOUS deal!! Post pics when she gets there! Yippee!!
  9. Absolutely! Barneys is hands-down my very favorite of the larger high-end department stores. I love their motto, "Taste, Luxury, and Humor", and their MJ marketing slogans "Girls Love Marc Jacobs"..."Boys Love Marc Jacobs". Very cool, Barneys. :yes:

    Looking forward to seeing your new MJ!
  10. i keep trying to do a search for the bag on here- but its not working for me?
  11. is so hard to navigate! how hard is it to make a permanent sale section?

    Congrats on the bag!
  12. Lucky!!! I have been eyeing a brown one. Enjoy!
  13. Oh you lucky!! I have had my eye on that bag for months!!!!! Did you get it off the website?!? Please post pics when you get it!!!! :heart: Emmy
  14. Wowza!!! That's such a great deal! Congrats!!:yahoo:
  15. I love Barney's!! They have the best deals... and they are so underappreciated compared to NM or Saks. I've gotten huge discounts on clothing at the B&M stores.

    Congrats on such a wonderful bag, you're very lucky to get such a wonderful deal on this cute bag!