Finally I have the guts to show my collections.. PICS...

  1. Hi all, I alway embarrass to put my pics n collections on the forum. But after I saw all you guys photos, I just think why not? I got to share with you guys. I always love balen, really hope to have all the colors but I am not nicole richie anyway:drool:. Here all my collections...

    My 1st balen : Orange Metallic City
    My 2nd Balen : Black Office
    My 3rd balen : Blue Glacier city GGH
    My 4th balen : Paprika Office SGH
    My 5th balen : Red Tomato :confused1: Brief in SGH
    my bag1.jpg bluebal.jpg orange.jpg org.jpg redbrief.jpg
  2. Great collection!! I especially like the paprika and red Brief, they look fantastic on you!! :flowers:
  3. Beautiful! Especially the paprika Work and your Blue Glacier! You wear them so well!
  4. Fun and cheerful collection...I love the blue glacier!
  5. Your collection is GORGEOUS and you have nothing at all to be ashamed about. Even if you only own one Bal acc's pc... show it off!!! We love the biggest collections to the smallest. Congrats on all your bags :tup: they look GREAT on you, thanks so much for sharing.
  6. Such a terrific collection! Thanks for sharing! I love the blue glacier, such a pretty color and the reds/oranges :sweatdrop:
  7. What a great collection!! Just love the reds.
  8. Great bags!! Thanks for sharing :yes:. The glacier blue is my fav!
  9. Thanks for sharing! Great collection and i love the metallic orange!:tup:
  10. Beautiful collection! I love your BG!
  11. [​IMG]
    What a lovely collection Helen - thanks for sharing with us!
  12. Your collection is really lovely! Thank you for sharing such great pics :love:
  13. OOOH I love ur colection..u got everything i haven't ..
    POOOP!thanks for sharin it with us dear :heart:
  14. Fab bags! Love the red brief!
  15. love ur tomato red bags!!!