Finally I have taken photos of my precious Bbags

  1. I started my addiction in April this year accidentally when I was on a hunt for Chloe Craie and was educated by noone than Chloe Veteran, Hmwe :nuts: that the colour is very similar to Bal Calcaire and after seeing Vert D'eau in Japan, I was practically hooked :sweatdrop: I started my Bbag purchased chronology as followed :p

    1. First Bbag purchased was 05 Calcaire Twiggy (pre-loved) - thank you RDC!

    2. 04 Lilac First (brand new) - thank you to Robotdoll who not only was kind enough to authenticate but also encouraged me :biggrin:

    3. 06 Calcaire Pony Coin Purse

    4. 05 Calcaire City

    5. 07 Aquamarine Le Compagnon

    6. 07 LE Magenta City - thank you RDC (again!)

    7. 04 Seafoam Pewter - thank you Firstclass who enabled me with the pic of her beautiful bag :biggrin:

    8. 07 Tomato Coin Purse

    9. 06 Blue India Twiggy

    10. 05 Turqey City

    I have learnt so much from TPF and all the bags I have been lucky enough to acquire would not be if it's not from the help of the lovely fellow TPFers..
    So just want to say with this thread, thank you so much to everyone who has helped me all these times!

    Now back to business, to get more bbags in the year ahead :nuts:

  2. Pics, some modelled by me and some by my darling partner's arm (the big hairy one) :p
    and I have posted these not only on appropriate Clubhouses but also on photos wearing your bbags thread, so apology if you have seen these *just cant get enough posting them *shy..

    Pluiee, you have asked me to post pic of my Magenta long time agoooo, so this is for you! :smile: *apology for the delay..
    Calcaire Twiggy.JPG 04 Lilac First.JPG calcaire pony CP.JPG 04 Seafoam Purse.JPG magenta.JPG
  3. Just a couple more :smile:
    BI Front.JPG tomato cp.JPG turqey.JPG
  4. Stunning collection! That seafoam is TDF.

    Keep 'em comin.
  5. Last ones :smile:

    *please excuse my dirty clothes basket in the background :shame:
    light.JPG bright.JPG
  6. Thank you RERE :flowers:
  7. thanks for sharing aki! your lilac is gorgey! love it! and all the others of course! some beautiful bags there!
  8. What a beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing :heart:
  9. What a great collection and in so little time.
    PS i do like hairy arms.
    Glad to have U and Your pics here.
    Hugs FX:heart:
  10. Love all your bags! Thank you for posting a modeling pic of the magenta, I am thinking of getting that one next ;P I'm excited to see your next purchases!
  11. Thank you for the kind words addicted ali & sweetcakes :smile:
  12. LOL :biggrin: I really should be grateful that he didn't mind standing to model the bag for quite sometimes until I was satisfied with the pics :p

    Thank you for the kind words Fx!
    It's too sweet of you :flowers:
  13. Thank you BalenciagaLove1, I :heart::heart: Magenta!
    So eventhough I have 07, I am on a hunt for 05 Magenta!

    You def should get one for yourself..every gals need one Magenta in her life :p

    My next purchase *hopefully, 07 Tomato Day SGH :smile:
  14. beautiful!!!
  15. Fantastic collection, I especially love your 05 turquoise city!!! Congrats!!! :flowers: