FINALLY!!! I have successfully placed an order

  1. For my Whiskey Paddy through LVR. I'm already growing impatient (in an exciting kinda way)

    I was just casually browsing around the net. I saw one on BF and also on I thought hmmmmm...let me check LVR (I wanted to order from LVR, cuz it's about $250 cheaper, but it was sold out for a long time)

    And sure enough, there it was....A Whiskey!!! I ordered it so fast, I felt like lightning...
  2. So happy for you dee-dee. The whiskey is a beautiful bag. Enjoy!
  3. yeah!!!!!!!! i love my paddy, and i know you will love yours. can't wait to see pics.
  4. Yay! Post pictures when you get it :nuts:
  5. Congrats! I truly hope you love it :=)
  6. yay!
  7. How exciting!!! Hope you post photos!
  8. Thanks guys!! I mean I could have gotten it a while back...I don't know if some of you remember when I first posted that my BF gave me the OK. But me being who I am, I wanted to squeeze another gift out of the money he gave me (Oliver Peoples Athena perhaps).

    My patience really paid off...I will definitely post pics.
  9. Oh my gosh, I just checked LVR again, and the Whiskey is gone. I guess there was only one left, and I got it!! :P
  10. Exciting!
  11. I think you're very lucky to land that Whiskey from LVR:biggrin: !!! I wanted a whiskey one about 1-2 weeks ago and kept checking there a few times a day, lol! Talk about desparate:shame: . Eventually got mine off eBay from a trusted seller. I couldn't be happier:love: ! You'll love yours. Keep us posted!!!
  12. It was clearly meant for you!;) Congratulations! I'm waiting for my choco, also from LVR and should be here on Monday. I know how excited you are!
  13. tod, am also waiting for my choc paddy from LVR. did you get a shipment notice already? haven't heard about mine yet.:sick: :sick:
  14. sorry for my question, u would think it's stupid but...what's LVR??
  15. I also got a shipment notice from LVR yesterday morning that mine should arrive here on 3/ you might get yours today...

    hkstar: LVR is :biggrin:
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