Finally I have something from Mini Lin :)

  1. So I was deciding between the bucket vs speedy for some time now, and finally decided on the speedy as i just feel in love with it when i saw it in the store in dubai.. here she is :smile: it's so practical, can be used everyday.. lovely :love:


    if you don't already, then i suggest you get a bag from this line... :idea:
  2. so pretty! is it a 30? love it! congrats! it looks so cute!
  3. congrats! omg that is my FAVORITE bag in mini lin, and my faavorite speedy EVER!
  4. SO gorgeous! Either the mni lin bucket or speedy are on my wishlist!
  5. ^same here..

    Congrats, she's a beauty!
  6. Congrats!!!!!!!I think I'm still kicking myself for passing it up! Maybe this year I'll pick it up.
  7. I have this bag and love it. SO nice not to have to worry about the vachetta! :yes: Congrats and Enjoy!!
  8. I totally agree about practicality. She was hard to put down at the store. Great piece, congrats!
  9. gorgeous! love the mini lin. have been debating a saumur
  10. congrats
  11. its next on my list, congrats :smile:
  12. She is beeeeeaaaaaauuuuuuuuuutiful!
  13. Congrats!!! I LOVE the mini lin line. I have the boulogne and I can't say enough about how great this line is.
  14. Yes, so far it only comes in 30 :yes:
  15. Congratulations.