Finally I have got my Saleya Azur PM ~ And I LVoe her!!!

Luva Pug

In a H dream...
Dec 26, 2006
:yahoo:Yay I am sooo in love with this bag! I thought I would have gone off it because i have been waiting for so long (6 weeks) but OMG she is stunning!!!:drool:
The shape is perfect, the azur is just too pretty and I love the large gold hardware on her! Makes her seem more sturdy!
I had a fantastic time at the boutique and was talking to the SA for 1 hour! Not even about bags.. about religion of all things!

Anyway, i got this cute little card as well from him, its like a LV envelope but its perforated! Il take a pic so you can see!
They had the cirrus in, omg sooo pretty!
So heres some pics!:love: