FINALLY I have a camera!

  1. Dont mind me as I'll be posting a lot of random & overdue pictures (I could never post any since I threw my camera away). I finally got my hands on my boyfriends camera, hehehe ;] I've been taking pictures like crazy all day just because, lol. Voila! The side of one of my babies! Bwahaha! :P

  2. Cool! Nice pic! And I like that watermark - what program do you use??
  3. NICE !!! Congratulations, I look to forward to plenty of pics. :heart:
  4. Thanks guys! cate22 - Photoshop :heart:3
  5. Yay for a camera!! I use Vlads and then make him help me figure out how to post etc!
  6. lol Cool Megs! I'm going to keep my SO's until he forgets LOL
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