Finally.. I got my paddy!

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  1. Yeay.. At last, I got my chocolate brown paddy from NM atlanta.. My SA is great! I love it. I've grown in love with it with every moment. I'll post the pictures later.. I need to re-size it first...

    I also have my shopping spree today.. Got a chanel sunglasses.. a few shoes.. and a pair of jeans...

    It's been so long since I shop... Fasting is over!! Even though it's not that long.. Well, it's almost christmas anyway... ;)
  2. Wow, pictures pictures ! Congrats on your haul. ;)
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics! I hope mine comes from NAP soon! :love: Sounds like you had a good shopping day :biggrin:
  4. yaaaay who's your SA at NM Atlanta?

    which chanel sunglasses did you get? i'm eyeing the ones with mother-of-pearl C's on the sides but i can't get them until chanel decides to send the people that do my glasses the frames. could be a few months :sad:. but they have to be perscription because i refuse to wear contacts.
  5. Yaaaaay!:love: Picture, please?!...I love chanel sunglasses( have4) post those too!:love:
  6. Here's my choco paddy. It's yummy.. like a chocolate bar.. :lol:

    I'll take the sunglasses picture tomorrow since my bf is in the room... or he'll thinks I'm crazy... taking picture of my new sunglasses.. .;)

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  7. My SA is Marcy Hooks... I'll post my sunglasses picture.. If you all are dying to know which one... It's the second one in the chanel website C807/11 is the one I have..

    Amanda, you should check that one out too.. It's new.. and bloomingdale lenox has only 2 left. They have 4 the day before...
  8. BEEEEEEAAAAAUUUUTIFUL!!!!:nuts: Congratulations!:lol:
  9. congratulations wellow, that bag is beautiful...i was never really a fan of chloe until i joined this forum...all these pictures are VERY convincing...its a shame to think that ive seen almost 5 paddies in stores and turned them seems like im going regret that...:wondering
  10. Your choco "bar" paddy is so delicious! You must be on choco heaven now... :amuse:
  11. lovely choco !! i love chanel shades tooo.
  12. Thanks y'all...:love: I turned out the new black "dark grey" paddy and the ivory, and I regret it 2 weeks later.. but I love the choco brown better anyway...
  13. Nice! The colour is very warm!
  14. nice :biggrin: I miss my paddington!
  15. Love the color, it's so rich :love: Thanks for sharing the pics!