Finally, I got my miu miu bow satchal.

  1. I ordered smoky gray, and I got this one.
    The color on the little card is actually "Alluminio". Is it a new color? It is not the smoky gray, right?
    IMG_0002.jpg IMG_0003.jpg
  2. hm, not sure, but it is really pretty! congrats!
  3. I have the smoke grey, and this looks like the same color to me. Kind of a warm grey taupe goes with everything!
  4. I love your bag!!! Allumino is not the smoke grey. Smoke grey is called "fumo". The allumino is a new color which is a bit lighter.
  5. i think this is the smoke grey right?
  6. Congrats! Great looking color!
  7. Great color. Where did you get it from? I am thinking of getting that color since I don't think I will ever be able to find one in the grey smoke.
  8. I ordered it from Barneys NY, the NY store.
  9. Liangxt - If you get a chance, could you take some more pics of your bag with flash? It really looks like a dark beige than grey to me. Anyways, I called a store in my area and got one put on hold for me in the alluminio (same as yours). Thanks.
  10. I just took two more pictures under the day light.
    It looks more like a taupe color instead of gray, but it is pretty cute.
    Besides, I think it makes a nice summer bag.
    IMG_0010.jpg IMG_0011.jpg
  11. Thanks for taking the pics! I definitely am starting to like it a lot more. Very are right, it will also make a nice summer bag.
  12. Lovely bag!! The leather looks so smooshy!! Congratulations~
  13. Liangxt - I just got back from Saks with bow satchel in hand! I actually went to see what the color looked like IRL and it is gorgeous. It's the perfect color for spring/summer/fall and winter since it isn't too light nor too dark. It was love at first sight when I saw it and DH preferred this color over the smoke grey (still beautiful color) that I am on the waiting list for. Thanks for posting the pics.

  14. Great. Congratulations!
    It matches everything.

  15. It is really gorgeous! Lucky girl!