Finally I got my dream bag!

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  1. I just received my dream bag: a magenta first and she's in an amazing condition almost new except a tiny bit of darkened handle but it totally blends in with the rest of the bag. Pics seem to darken the handles much more than they actually are.
    I'm so in love with her.:heart: :love:
    I had to sell my cornflower first for her but that's was small sacrifice and she'll have a wonderful home anyway.
    So that leaves just one other Bbag to perfect my collection: a turquoise city or twiggy from 05.
    But I'm waiting patiently:yes:
    Bfirstmagenta 006.jpg Bfirstmagenta 009.jpg
  2. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!:love: Congrats!!
  3. I adore that color:drool: Congrats!
  4. oh, i LOVEEEE magenta! this colour really brighten my day, i wore my magenta alot when i'm sad to cheer me up. the colour really work pyschologically to me :yes:
    congratulations on that :yahoo:
  5. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!:love: Congrats on finding your dream bag!!!!:yahoo: I want a magenta work so bad!!!!!!!!
  6. I know the feeling! Congrats on finding one of your dream bags!! Yep, that turquoise seems to be much harder to come by!!
  7. Congrats Tanja on your all so worth the wait magenta !! Beautiful!!
  8. oooh - congrats!!! great addition to your beautiful colourful bbag family!!
  9. Oooooh...I'm so happy for you Tanja!!!!!!
  10. congratssssss!:wlae: :yahoo:
  11. Wow - she's breathtaking! Congrats!
  12. 0o0o0o so beautiful!!! totally love the colour!!! CONGRATS on finding your DREAM bag!!! I hope you find your Turq 05 soon!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  13. yay! congratulations.. i love the magenta color, and the sacrifice of your cornflower first was definantely worth it in my opinion, i hope you dont have regrets!
  14. Hurray! I ADORE Magenta too. I have it in a Shoulder size (sold the Box already) am am getting the First size today, so we'll be Magenta twins :biggrin: Yours looks divine, all smooshy and vibrant !
  15. Ohhhh CONGRATS Tanja :flowers: what a beauty :nuts: !! I'm soooo happy for you :yahoo: :heart: - enjoy this beautiful MAGENTA classic - it's just a DREAM :love: