FINALLY! I got my CL Helmuts!!!

  1. I have been talking about getting a pair for a very very long time! I found a pair at Neimans in black in June & didnt buy them because I was trying to be good....what a mistake that was because now its impossible to get my hands on a pair with out paying a fourtune. Anyways...I search eBay like its my job, so I came accross these for only $300!!! NEW! I sold some stuff before buying them so what money I had on paypal I ended up paying only $160! What a steal! I am going to an event that I will be wearing them with the Nicole Miller dress below.
    (Sorry about the crazy watermarking)
  2. They are beautiful and they look great on you! I love that model but unfortunately, it just doesn't suit my feet! Enjoy them!

  3. STINAS - CONGRATS! I saw them on eBay and I was so close to bidding on them. That would have been crazy if we got into a bidding war. They look great on you. Wear them well.
  4. That would have been funny!
    I was afraid they would be a little too light, but they turned out to be perfect.
  5. Ooohhh they look fabulous on you. :nuts: Sometimes it pays to wait.... Congrats.
  6. Oh your feet look amazing in those! Congrats on finally getting them.
  7. wow stinas! I am glad you finally got them. congrats they look beautiful. Helmoons are TDF. I love my pair of Helmuts so much too and they are becoming one of my fave CLs!
  8. Thank you!!!
    Im in love with them! I have not worn them yet, but cant wait! Im searching ebay on a daily basis for another pair. The leopard ones are TDF!!! So are the keeping my eyes open.
  9. How gorgeous! Great buy!!
  10. Congrats! I think it was karma that brought them to you since you do such an excellent job of posting links in the shoe deal thread. They're elegant, and the cut of the instep adds sexiness.
  11. awww!
    Thanks so much!! Very nice of you!
    I enjoy finding deals for people. Im an ebay & TPF addict, so I like to share. Plus If I really like something that is not in my size...why not help a fellow TPFer out. :smile:
    I actually did find another blue pair on ebay tonight too! In my size so cross your fingers for me! :yahoo:
  12. They are gorgeous and you have got a great deal!
  13. Great buy. They look so pretty on you.
  14. Congratulations on snagging such a great deal on such beautiful shoes. They look great on you!

    How do you ladies get great deals on CL on ebay? Everytime I look it's either Natural Gas Girl with her $999.99 per pair CLs that I cannot afford or else some very shady and very suspicious looking CLs.
  15. Yup, for that very reason I don't do ebay as a buyer for CLs. I never get deals or unique finds. All that is available in my size are things I can find in retail or stuff I do not want.