FINALLY I got a ......

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  1. congrats, my dear! muy puuuuuuuuuurty! hehe! :yahoo:
  2. congrats Jill:biggrin: I love the pochette porte-monnaie style :yes:
  3. I love how the groom pieces has the interior matching the band colours! :smile: Gorgeous red you got there!
  4. Congrats! Love the red :heart:
  5. I agree. It is a super comfortable wallet. It's gorgeous. Congrats!
  6. congrats, it's a very pretty wallet!!!
  7. Ooh, shoppers drug mart, TD bank, and safeway! I have those cards too! :P

    Congrats! Is it from Toronto?
  8. Lovely! Congrats!!!
  9. That looks fabulous. I love the red interior (and I also like the green interior on the zippy--I would have found it hard to choose, too!)
  10. :yahoo: that'd be meeeee!!!! lol

    you know, I never noticed that! lol
  11. Love it!
  12. I love the red inside:heart: Congrats!
  13. love it!!!
  14. congrats!
  15. the wallet.
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