FINALLY I got a ......

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  1. congrats! i'm picking up the zippy next week. it's actually slimmer in depth compared to the pochette. width and height is the same on both wallets.
  2. Congrats! The red interior is GORGEOUS! I'm glad you settled on something you love. It seems like it's wallet-buying season because I just got one, too! (Well, you know that already :smile:)

    And no, the Damier french purse doesn't have a red interior. THAT would be gorgeous, but I still love my wallet!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your purchase! :smile:
  3. Congrats....I have the same wallet and love it ..GREAT purchase:heart:
  4. I think the groom is so cute! Congrats on your new wallet!!
  5. I love it a lot! It's so adorable. Congrats!
  6. soo cute!! congrats!! :smile:
  7. I love the red lining! So pretty!! Congrates!! Yes, TPF is the place where everyone is so friendly and excited about the new purchases! That is why I love coming here again and again!
  8. congrat's beautiful wallet
  9. Lovely Congratulations.
  10. congrats ! your new wallet! u can put your passport into your new wallet definitely! do enjoy your wallet! m glad to know that your bought your wallet which suits your need !
  11. Nice!
  12. thanks everyone! :smile: i used her tonight and got lots of stares and a compliment!! woo hooo!!!
  13. congrats.
  14. congrats! it looks fabulous!
  15. Wow, congrats :nuts: Now I am on the look out for a gorgeous Monogram Groom Wallet in town :graucho: