FINALLY I got a ......

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  1. WALLET!!!!! :yahoo:

    after a lot of debate, options, pros and cons I finally found one that is perfect for me!!! Monogram Groom Pochette Wallet!!!!

    many of you know i really wanted the zipy wallet b/c of all the compartments and I have a lot of cards/papers that I carry. But after I got my agenda and cles I had less cards in my wallet and after looking at the pochette style wallet, I knew it was the style for me. I particularly like the newer style with the 10 CC slots with 4 in front, and 6 in back. I can put the cards I use everday in the front, and others in the back. Also, another great thing is, that I don't like to carry a lot of cash with me, and when I do, the zippered coin compartment can also fit bills so I can "hide" them in there!

    one more thing, my passport fits in there too, so that's another convenient thing. This wallet is actually pretty big and I think a zipppy wallet would've been HUUUGE!

    anyway, I love love loooove :heart: it. And the red interior!!

    here's pics!

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  2. Congrats on your purchase!!!! I just bought the same wallet in the basic monogram line a few weeks ago. It's my favorite wallet ever. Plus LV wallets tend to be super durable so you can plan on using it for years to come. Enjoy!
  3. Oooh... I love that!! Congrats!
  4. love it, congrats!!
  5. soo pretty
  6. Hehe, I think tPF is the only place you can see people getting so worked up for a wallet. ;) Totally understandable of course. Enjoy it!
  7. Great wallet, congrats!
  8. Congrats on your Red Groom Wallet! LV wallet are not tiny at all, but it's worth it for the roomy interior :yes:
    ITA, Liberte!
  9. yahoo!! congrats! its absoulutley lovley!!! :yahoo: :party:
  10. thanks everyone!!!

    yes..tpf is the only place that will understand one's predicament regarding purchasing a wallet!

  11. I agree and as everyone is so generous posting pictures and experiences it's a fantastic resource for making a decision!

    Pretty wallet!
  12. yay! one of my FAVS!!
  13. very nice! like the tresor!
  14. Gorgeous! congratulations!!
  15. Congrats! I still need my first wallet.Loving the red! :yes: