Finally! I got a Damier Papillon!!! Woohooo!

  1. In anticipation of the price increase and hardware change, I finally bought one of my biggest wishlist items--the Damier Papillon 30! :heart:Yeah! I looove it! She's got the old hardware and was made in France exactly one year ago. The LV in Palo Alto, Stanford Shopping Mall has more Damier Papillon 30s with the old hardware in stock if anyone is interested. :graucho:

    It's my 3000th post, too! Woohoo! :yahoo:
    Damier Papillon 30.jpg Damier Papillon in front of window.jpg
  2. CONGRATS!!!!! I've been REALLY thinking about this one myself! Looks like a great all around bag! Please model it if you can! Thanks!
  3. Congrats! I also prefer the one with the old hardware, specially made in france. I have one and I love it!
  4. YAYYYYYYYYYYY Pupster!!! That is a HOT bag- congrats:yahoo:
  5. Congrats...that's a great bag!
  6. Thanks imgg and ShoulderEyeCandy!:flowers: I was sooo happy to get one with the old hardware and I was surprised that they had a more in stock(I believe all made in france--not sure, though).

    Here are pics of me wearing it. First pic is on the crook of arm, second is on shoulder with both straps, third is on shoulder with one strap(other strap is slipped through the 2nd strap--hard to explain. lol). Forgive the boring super casual outfit. I didn't feel like changing. :P
    Damier papillon crook of arm.jpg Damier Papillon on shoulder.jpg Damier Papillon on shoulder 1 strap.jpg
  7. Thanks stylefly and blue996! :flowers:
  8. Congrats - it looks great on you ! :yes:
  9. Wow! She looks perfect on you! Congratulations! I hope I'm not being rude gere but how tall are u? Cos the 30 really looks so good on you and I wanted to have a rough idea of how big she'll look on me...TIA! And btw, congrats on your 3000th post! Love reading your views n opinions in the forum!
  10. oh it looks so good on you!!!! congrats!!! oh and conrgats on the 3000 post!!!!! wow!!!! that is lots of typing.
  11. Oh My U Got It!!!!!

  12. Thank you for yuor sweet words, phwish!:flowers: I'm 5'7"--you're not being rude at all! :smile:

    ayla--thank you!:flowers:

    hc1871--thanks, sweetie! I talk a lot(in person and online--as you know ;)). LOL.

    babydee03--thanks, hon!:flowers:Yep, I *finally* got it after talking about it for eons. LOL!
  13. Looks great on you! Congrats~!:yahoo:
  14. :drool: Gorgeous bag! Congratulations!!

    I really want a Damier Papillon for Christmas :angel:
  15. :nuts: Congrats!!!! Looks perfect on you:love: ...I definitely prefer the older hardware...looks heaps classier:love: ENJOY!