Finally I get to be the first..

  1. To say theres new Spys on eluxury!

    Its the Pleated Leather Spy GORGEOUS!!

    But now.. Which do you like better, The original Chocolate leather Spy or the Pleated Leather?
  2. I cant believe Net a porter Has the gold/silver spy I bought from Fendi Sloane Street London
  3. [​IMG] forgot to add they are selling it £ 80 cheaper aswell as I bought mine for £1310 and they have theres for £1230!!!!!
  4. i liked the original ones better...
  5. Please don't show me this and especially from NAP. I couldn't possibly get this after recent splurges...... or could I???????
  6. I really dont like the look of the pleated leather. I think the original still looks the best.
  7. Go for it !!! £80 cheaper from the Fendi Boutique!!! I rushed to get mine as the SA called me and it was the only one they had!!! Now NAP have it!!! I tell u its gorgeous. Been getting lots of compliments on it already!
  8. Does everyone like the spy with more silver, or more gold?
  9. Im more of a silver person myself as I I bought the paddington in silver and even my chanel Luxury in silver... But for some reason didnt think the silver/gold combo of the spy looked as nice as this gold/silver one.
  10. That gold is awesome. I love it & want to order it now. lol. I just ordered the silver yesterday. Maybe I should try both & return one.
  11. I would definitely do that. I saw the silver/gold Vombo one and I dont think its as nice as the god/silver one. I love it ... I'm wearing more yellows/ beiges and oranges to carry it. And I cant believe I paid more for mine! I cant understand why it is cheaper on NAP!!
  12. and what I love is that its not a bright gold.. its got silver bits in it that give it a more vintage look!
  13. I like the original leather better.
  14. Kathy, I saw them both in person and couldn't make up my mind!!!:nuts: They are both GORGEOUS!!! If you are going to order both, you are going to have a REALLY HARD TIME deciding which one to send back!!!:graucho:

    P.S. I ended up with the silver becuase the Fortuny SPY I have has a gold shade to it somewhat, you know?!:upsidedown:
  15. I saw the pleated IRL.. wasn't a fan (JMO)