Finally, I found you...

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  1. Dear ladies and gentlemen,

    Please come and share my happiness with my new and my last Chanel in classic line. My perfect lady:loveeyes: Classic flap black caviar m/l.

    I was on ban after recent reissue purchase. My name was at the bottom of every waiting list for caviar flap. I actually resigned and came to accept having only reissues for my classic collection. SA at bloomingdales told me that whenever I decided on classic flap, better before Nov. You know...price increase topic again. I know it's still a rumor but her words prompted me to give myself one last try and I did. I called my local chanel boutique this afternoon...and... asked for the classic flap. My gosh!!! I was :faint:

    They do have them...plenty both lamb and caviar, both gold and silver!!! Anyway, I warned myself not to have my hope up. I was on ban anyway. Chances were I might end up empty hands as I was fully aware how bad the new caviar was. Or I might get myself a lamb and be done with it.

    Nothing surprise....a SA showed me the first two in caviar. One in gold hardware and another in silver. The leather was exactly the same as my bad batch 16 series ( I posted the picture in TPF) I returned 2 months ago. My dream went to smoke. I never took them home for sure. So I asked her if she might get a better looking caviar in the future. She noted my expression and said that she had a different leather. What could be different from caviar? Since I wanted caviar. She said she had sth less texture and came back with a beautiful perfect looking caviar:happydance::happydance::happydance:

    Be warned though...I examined the first two she brought. Even gold hardware didn't help bring up the shine of the caviar, if it wasn't there in the first place. Also, there is definitely a HUGE difference among black caviar flaps. All 3 bags came in the same batch. She wouldn't admit about the quality and simply said 'different animal, produce different skin'.

    This store has about 5 at least in stock for caviar. More for lamb. I wasn't allowed to choose every caviar available however. I asked only taking a peek from their generic ugly white boxes. I didn't even ask to tear the wrap or anything. She said by showing me the second bag was more than she could do for me. Chanel policy not ever allow SA to tell customers that there are more than one. are supposed to buy the one showed to you :yucky: even with your 5K money.

    Long story short everyone...there is definitely a difference in quality (or look, however, you term it, in caviar). It would help a lot if you have a nice and helpful SA.

    Lastly, please allow me to share her. My perfect caviar lady:biggrin:
    R2_W.jpg R4_W.jpg R5_W.jpg R7_W.jpg
  2. Congrats!
  3. Just gorgeous! Congratulations!
    When u said their was a "huge" diff between the 3, what do u mean? Can u elaborate?
  4. Beautiful! What's the serial number and where is it made?
    Thank u and congrats :smile:
  5. I mean the leather quality. Out of 3, the leather of the first two were greyish, dull and flat quilts. To me, the color was more grey or dark navy than black. The SA confirmed me a few times that it was indeed black.
  6.'s 16 series and made in France. I got a bad one before same series and also made in France. It's like hit and miss.
  7. Oh okay, got it. Did the greyish ones feel drier, if that makes sense?
  8. Congrats!
  9. Beautiful. Congrats!
  10. congrats* she does she look good, doesnt have that dry dull look.
  11. Congrats.. :smile:
  12. Congrats on finding a shiny, puffy, dark black one!!! So weird they hold out on a customer who is about to shell out 5K. You have a right to see what options there are in order to make an informed decision and to be a satisfied customer that won't return their product and of course, return to buy more in the future! I sure hope they hear their consumers cries and quality check their bags in the near future.
  13. The greylish did look and feel drier to me...part of it because the dull, greyish ones were less puffier, more stiff. When I touched them, they gave me less luxurious feel.
  14. Oh my...such a beauty!! Did you see any black jumbos available, especially with ghw??
  15. I did! I saw one lady try it on. She actually asked my opinion between a black jumbo GHW and a seasonal flap. In the end, she couldn't make a decision and would come back the day after. So...I know for sure at least one brand new Jumbo is available. The boutique just got a new shipment this morning and they have about 8-10 just for m/l alone. You better check. Jumbo is very popular.