finally i found the wholly grail of fendi spies

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  1. OMG..... i got this today in the mail after looking every where for it. it's more beautifull then my fendi spy croc.
    and at low low price of only $3 tousand. its just beautiful.
    any one else have one of these?:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:now i love the mail.
    fcab_1.jpg fd79_1.jpg fef6_1.jpg fe33_1.jpg 001f_1.jpg
  2. even beyonce has one like just love it and going to carry this every where with me.
    03d8_12.jpg 01c7_12.jpg 0322_12.jpg
  3. ^Congrats! Now we need modeling pics! I'm not personally a fan of this style but it is beautiful. I like the lining esp... I think I saw this on eBay very recently. Did you get it from there?
  4. Lovely spy, big congrats, you will look stunning carrying it.
  5. Congrats! It's a stunning bag.
  6. oh i was eyeing that up on eBay the other day!

    Congrats its fabby!

  7. It's very different and I really like it! Congrats, it is gorgeous!:yahoo:
  8. Congrats,nice spy!:tup:
  9. yep, I saw it on eBay too lol! wonder if it is this one.

    Congrats on your gorgeous new bag, wear her with happiness ;)
  10. I love the colors & textures on that bag...real perky & fun sort of bag...but with all the Fendi Class! Congrats :yahoo::yahoo:
  11. i don't mean to be a *****, but i have a feeling something is up...

    everytime this person posts, its auction pictures and never follows up on questions about the auction they "won" it from. i don't know if i am being anal but i remember seeing 2 of the bags they "won" on ebay and both never sold.

    its just bugging me....anyone else?

    if you notice, her pics of her leather gold spy are the same as in this auction:
    and she nevers answers when i ask if she was selling or bought it...which was neither b/c it got 2 offers and one was declined and the other expired...and if you look at the sellers feedback it never sold.

    i just don't feel right about this person, and if they can repost their own pics of the bags they claim to "own", i will apologize and shut up.
  12. ^ :wtf: whoa..oh my gosh... ur right!
  13. I thought they were from the auction, that's where I recognised them from. Oh well lets wait for a response.
  14. Not a ***** at all... you have good instincts!