Finally, I did it!!!!!!

  1. Hi ladies:
    I did it!!!!!! :yahoo:
    Introducing me and my first Chloe: Edith bowling.
    I am really crazy in love with this bag. But now I have a big problem: what i only want is more Chloe!
    ...And my husband is thinking that I am mad, spending so much money in "stupid" bags... (I do not care about his thoughts at all ;))
  2. It looks beautiful, looks like it as made for you! I love the sturdy leather on ediths!
  3. :tup: CONGRATS!!! It looks good on you!!
  4. It's gorgeous! And it's made me more determined to have one :heart:
  5. Fantastic bag. Where are you posing - interesting building in the background?

    All men are like that but mine has despaired now and only mutters a bit. (By the way, I am spending my money not his.) I think that the trick is to stop saying that it is the last bag and then buying another. You are a collector and so what!!!!
  6. That bag is beautiful...congrats!
  7. I am so happy for you! Nothing like that first purse rush. And you can never stop, unfortunately. My husband used to be so negative with comments about how it was "morally reprehensible" to spend so much on a purse. But I have noticed lately that he doesn't complain so much any more. I really think that somehow he is pleased with it all in a secret way. Not sure why?
  8. Congrats on your first CHLOE!!!!
  9. Congratulation for your first Chloe! You carry it well!:tup: