Finally i can share them with you

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  1. Hello everyone. I've been in this forum for a while and have been looking at your beautiful bags. So today i would like to share mine, now i have 5 of them. I bought them within 1.5's crazy thing for me because i just couldn't resist when nice bags turned up. All of them i've got very good deals of prices.

    Actually i had Magenta 05 too but i just sold it to a Bal fan in my local town.

    BG Pink coin purse 05, got it from a lovely tPfer.
    Grey City 05, got it from one of my friends in came a long way from Thailand to UK.
    Rouge Vif First 06, got it from a well-known auction website.
    Aquamarine Twiggy 07, got it from a lovely tPfer. (i love the colour!)
    Marine First 07, got it from a well-know auction website

    I can say now..i'm addicted to Bal Bag, and continue to be so....also i just pre-ordered a new BG Pink 08 RH City as well. I hope i will get that beautiful bag...if i was lucky enough.
    P10108520446.JPG DSC000730467.JPG DSC000740469.JPG DSC000790465.JPG P10106830405.JPG
  2. Lovely Bags!!! Especially the gray city:love:
  3. Congrats!!!! Aren't they the best bags!!!!!!:party::party:ENJOY!!!!
  4. thank u...shoelover & menopausalmama
  5. Beautiful Bbags!! especially the '05 Grey City;)
  6. Isn't it shocking how quickly we can amass such a big collection! Yours is lovely - great variety in sizes and color!
  7. So beautiful and welcome to the bbag addiction
  8. Love your collection - my fav is the gray city! Love it! I like the variety that you have chosen in your colors. Happy Bbag hunting - you are now officially an addict!!!!!
  9. Benzie - I adore all the bags! So good to see them after hearing their stories at the UK Club. I love your modellig pic the best - you are really gorgeous. Now I know who to look out for.
  10. Wh:huh:O hOo:huh:~! They look gorgeous on you~! cOnGrats :woohoo:
  11. YOu and your bags are GORGEOUS!
  12. oo wow, great collection! you look great as well :smile:
  13. Nice collection!
  14. gorgeous buys. congrats!
  15. Wow! You have been busy! :wtf:

    I love the Marine 07 First, really suits you ;)