Finally, I can pick between bags! Help!


Which bag?

  1. Perfo Speedy

  2. MC Speedy

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  1. Hey everyone, again!

    Well you guys know I recently gave away all my money, but now I have two bags on hold for me with some discounts so Im doing great. The two bags are the Fuschia Perfo Speedy and the White MC Speedy, both for the SAME price!

    So, I finally am selling a lot of stuff and working hard and now I have the choice between the two bags?

    Which one do you guys pick?

    Thanks so much everyone, :heart: you all!

  2. I would choose Fushia Perfo Speedy.

    I have a Trocadero. Perfo Perfo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How much are you paying???'re lucky :tup:
  3. MC! it will look so goregous on u, sophia!!!
  4. Im leaning towards the MC, but the fuschia speedy is way to hard to find nowadays.

    Im stuck, why does LV have to make such gorgeous bags?
  5. then maybe you can get the fushia now and get mc later

  6. That's why you should get the perfo!!! :p HAHA get it get it!

    I am sure most ppl here would prefer the MC speedy
  7.'s grown on, u don't see too many people w/ it.
  8. I vote for MC but now come to think of it again, i prefer perfo as its more unique :tup:
  9. Your right, the MC is everywhere.

    Darn it.
  10. go perfo and mc later !

    how much are you getting them for ? im eager to know :p
  11. MC! It is such a gorgeous bag, and I really want one! It's classic and feminine and just plain beautiful.

  12. Agree, and since the Mc speedies will be around for awhile you could get one at a later date :biggrin:
  13. hey pretty girl,we all know both bags will look great on you, :smile: but I know how much you really like the MC speedy, so definitely mc for me :smile:
  14. I love the Perfo and the MC so much!
  15. below retail haha, :roflmfao: