Finally, I can calm down - my call!

  1. So, I'm out getting the mail....FIGURES, cell rings, my mom goes, GAYLE, your cell is RINGING...I run back in and BOOM, miss it...look at the #, see it's my LV store, call back and my SA ran out to lunch! She left a voice mail stating that my Gold Miroir Lockit came in and I can get it Sunday..I just wanna talk to her to confirm this of course, to make my paranoid self feel better.

    But, all in all.. yay! :yahoo:

    My husband better be off Sunday, if not my dad will take me and if not then I'll hitchike.
  2. congrats. please post pics when you get in on Sunday.
  3. YEAH!! Can't wait for your pics

    I know exactly how this feels my Sa said she'd call back today so I could pay for mine I went shopping I walked around all day with my phone in my hand and could only go so far into the shops because I'd lose the signal otherwise.

    I told my BF it's worse than waiting for a man to call you back LOL!!
  4. CONGRATS .. You better post pictures soon!!
  5. CONGRATS!!!
    Can't wait to see some pics
    When you get it you can join The *BLING* Miroir lockit clan :nuts: LOL!
  6. I got a call today from my SA too! Going tonight to look at it and will be back to pick it up Monday! :yahoo:Hoping it will look as gorgeous IRL as it does in the pics!
  7. Congrats! :yahoo: I can't wait to see pics!
  8. youre funny......i think the anticipation is 50% of the excitement when getting a new LV!
  9. Congrats!!! I can't wait to see pictures.
  10. wow, congrats :love: you're so lucky.
  11. Wheee! If yours came in hopefully mine will - esp. since we are both in Noo Yawk. Gayle, are we taking our bags out this month?

  12. LOL Label, that's so true. I had my cell in a high frequency area in my house to make sure I get calls in 100%! It IS such an anticipatory waiting game...I don't think I ever was this excited for a phone call from from ANY human, as I am for when I'm waiting for an "LV"'s non-human, it's MAGIC! lol!
  13. Woo hoo!!! I"m just gonna add my news to your thread too. So glad you got your call Gayle! I was napping and my SA left me a message saying my silver was in. Can't have it until the 1st but that's quite okay, and said credit card is necessary for such a desired bag, so thats fine with me. Sooooooo excited!!!
  14. Totally girl, we'll have to try to arrange a Miroir Lockit (or anyone else with Miroir styles for that matter) get together. We can all converge and stop traffic on 5th with our blings, lol! Who knows, maybe we can get photographed by one of those magazines that snap candid's on all the hot new bags being carried by women at daytime hot spots in the city... that woud rock so hard! lol! :p
  15. yes you got the call. If said to pick up Sunday it must be in. congrats and can't wait to see pics.