Finally I bought pomme d'amour cles!!!

  1. Actually i bought this 2 days ago but i didnt get a chance to share my happiness with u guyss :yahoo: Remember last time i bought my speedy on eBay so i save up a lot to get my dream vernis cles? I supposed to buy it last year but I was away on holiday for about one month and finally, 2 days a go i got a chance to go to LV and buy it:heart: I was distracted by the new limited edition of the vernis cles but finally my decission fell for the original pomme d'amor cles, i just like the simple design and the shape:tup: pardon for my english, anyway here's the pic!!
  2. Congrats, it looks wonderful! :yes:
  3. very pretty, love pomme
  4. Congrats! Pomme is a great vernis piece :smile:
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Congrats!!! Love Pomme!!!
  7. Congrats!:smile:
  8. thank you all, do u think this normal cles is better or the LE edition ones? OMG now i'm getting the second thought back!! lol
  9. I own the larger cles. To be perfectly honest, I like how simple and classic the original cles looks over the large one with the face plate. However, I like the larger size and the slot in the back for easy access in the new one.
  10. pretty! congrats!
  11. Good choice! That color leaves me breathless every time I see it... :love:
  12. it's soo true...thats why i'm having my second thought:confused1:
  13. lol!!! i really loovee the color too:heart:
  14. Congrats
  15. The color is amazing!