Finally!!! I Become A Proud Bbag Owner!!! My 1st Bbag: BG City GGH

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  1. I started a post asking about opinions on which BG City to choose: RH, GSH or GGH. Thanks for all those who kindly provide their advice. You've all been very kind and helpful!

    After much deliberation, comparison and struggling (yes, a LOT as it's really hard to choose!!!), I finally took the GGH which I fell in love at the first sight. The search for this bag has not been smooth but the story turned out to be a nice surprise and I would like to share with you all my great joy in owning the 1st Bbag and become a proud Bbag lover!!!

    During the Easter holiday, I went to Paris in hope to compare all the hardwares available for BG City. There're three POS in Paris: Bal boutique, Printemps and Le Bon Marche. Before I went, I made a phone call to all three. Bal Paris told me that they only have RH available for the City and all the GHs were sold out :s Le Bon Marche told me that they had no GH either. Printemps, while having it in RH but no more GH, told me that they have it in GH for PT. However, I really want to start my Bbag collection with a City! :crybaby:

    I was already very low in mood thinking that I will find BG City in GH nowhere in Paris and probably would have to start a worldwide search for it. Still I decided to go to Printemps to have a look of the BG City in RH and to compare it to GH on PT. The SA at Bal Printemps was extremely nice and helpful :tup: She showed me all the available BG bags and I tried them. The result is: I still want my BG City in GH which they no more had. Just when I thought that my trip to Paris for Bal will end in vain. The SA told me that perhaps she could try to look for it elsewhere. I was about to tell her that I have asked all Bal POS and they had nothing left for BG City in GH, she already picked up the phone and started inquiry (with my limited French, I somehow sensed a good sign). When she put down the phone, she told me:"Yes, they still have it in GH, both GSH and GGH!" What?! I can't believe my ears!!!:yahoo: But who are "they"??!! She then told me it's the Bal ready-to-wear which is just on the 2nd floor in Printemps!!! I was ecstatic and on top of the world at the news and rushed to the 2nd floor Bal ready-to-wear! :wlae: There it is! BG City in GGH on display! They then showed me the GSH as well. I compared and tried both for quite a long time. Later on, with my bf's recommendation, finally decided to take the GGH!!! I was so excited when the SA handed me the shopping bag: it feels like a treasure!!!:yahoo:

    Well, sorry for babbling for such a long time, but I really want to share with you the whole story my first quest for a Bbag! For all of those who would like to have a BG City in GH, you can directly ask Bal Printemps as all the other places in Paris have sold them out.

    Alas, here are the pics of my beloved BG City in GH!!! God, she's such a beauty!!!

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  2. gemibebe, she truly is beautiful..what an adventure you had in finding your 'treaure'..please post modelling pictures for us ..congrats..GREAT choice!
  3. CONGRATS!!! Your BG leather is sooo luxuriously smooth yummy!!!

  4. Congrats on becoming a BBag owner!! You will soon find out one is just not enough!! Haha... Your BG City looks very very yummy!!
    Any chance of a modeling picture?
  5. What a happy ending! Gorgeous bubblegum city :yahoo: :drool: You must be so excited!!
  6. OMG, I completely love your bag! I've always thought that BG would look fantastic with GGH, and your pictures prove it. Congrats on finding her eventually!! You're making me lust after a BG Work with GGH!
  7. :drool::drool::drool:
    congrats! the leather is divine!
  8. beautiful, the color and the gold hardware look amazing together! congrats!
  9. Isn't it great to find something you reallly wanted?! Congrats on this truly GORGEOUS bal. The leather is so smooth and luscious looking!
  10. Gorgeous!! Congrats on your first bbag!
  11. Congrats with Your pretty new baby.
    Do love it Hugs FX:heart:
  12. Congrats! such a pretty color
  13. Dear all, thank you so much for all the compliments and I love my BG more and more. Yes, the leather is truly smooth and luscious and it's with you all that I start to really appreciate the buttery soft leather :heart:

    Upon your request, here are some modelling pics. The weather is quite bad outside, therefore the lighting is not good. So I'm afraid it's not doing justice to the beautiful color of the bag. I took some self-shooting ones first, then my bf helped with the rest. The bag may look quite big in the self-shooting, which I guess, is because I'm too close to the mirror; while in reality, the bag size is perfect.

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  14. Here comes some more modelling pics taken by dear bf. I think the color of the bag is better reflected in my self-shooting ones :rolleyes:

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  15. Congrats, she is beautiful:tup: