Finally, I am posting photos of my LV collection...

  1. Well, it's not exactly a collection but it's a start!

    I know there have been posts about people who seem to think b/c someone doesn't post photos that they don't exist. Well, I am finally talking the talk, and walking the walk - so to say.

    I started the post about feeling about posting your LV's..... and I have decided to finally post photos of my LV babies, I also have a collection of GUCCI and Burberry that I will post on those forums as well....

    So here they are...

    Batignolles Horiztonal [purchased 11/06 from ELUXURY - right after the price increase, bummer!!]

    Mini Looping [1st Let-Trade purchase]

    LV brass key chain [Michigan Ave. LV store], checkbook cover [] and Porte Monnaie Rond [ELUXURY]
  2. NICE collection! I'm really liking the porte monnaie ronde...
  3. Nice pieces!
  4. what a great start to your collection! love the bh.
    so what's next on the list?
    you should post your whole collection on 'bag showcase' when you have the chance.
  5. Love the BH!
  6. very nice! thank you for sharing!:flowers:
    i hope you didn't feel pressured to post anything,:sad: i don't think that's in the spirit of this place....i :heart: to see people's collection, but there are prob many different reasons why people do not post pics and it's not my place to question/ pass judgment, so i never would....
  7. Very nice! Thanks for sharing! One of these days, I'll share my collection too! :yes: (Need some tech help first from my DH!)
  8. I concur, wholeheartedly. I never try to question whether so-and-so has this bag...maybe that makes me naive...? Because for a long time I didn't post pictures...maybe people think I'm a liar, LOL. Oh well, I still like your collection! The white vachetta on the BH is TDF! :drool:
  9. nice collection!

    btw, the price of the BH wasn't affected after the Nov. 1st increase... i believe it stayed at $815. it probably will go up the next time.
  10. Thanks everyone!!

    ...I should now that I have posted my LV collection, I'll take photos tonight of my GUCCI and Burberry collections and post them tomorrow. What fun :graucho:
  11. Oh yea, FYI.... NO pressure from anyone to post my photos, I too have been lazy and was 1st worried what if someone I know, realized I was on this website all the time...but then I got over it, afterall it's not like i am on a FAKE site or anything -so my prior post cleared things up and I decided to get up off my a$% and post my LV collection.
  12. thanks for posting, i always love looking at purses!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. nice collection!
  14. LOVE how it's small and simple and classic! niiiice! congrats!
  15. I love your collection......thanks for sharing.